Mr. Puggles Works It

7 Mar

Happy Hump Day ūüôā

Yesterday was a productive work day, but I guess every time I answer a phone it’s productive! After work, I had what I thought would have been a quick eye appointment, but it was really an hour and a half! Ugh, I hate waiting rooms and waiting!

I did find this little gem while waiting

Mr. Puggles

Oh yeah, since October I’ve been obsessed with pugs. They are just way to cute not to smile and want to hug them until their buggy little eyes pop out. I have issues, I understand.

If you follow me on pinterest¬†¬†you know I’m¬†obsessed with puggies. My own pug (that I one day will get) is already named¬†¬†Mr. Puggles. I seriously have issues.

Anyways, I do have a fantastic (at home) work out for all of you to try! I got it off of Carrots ‘N Cake¬†

Hope you enjoy it!