Mr. Puggles Works It

7 Mar

Happy Hump Day 🙂

Yesterday was a productive work day, but I guess every time I answer a phone it’s productive! After work, I had what I thought would have been a quick eye appointment, but it was really an hour and a half! Ugh, I hate waiting rooms and waiting!

I did find this little gem while waiting

Mr. Puggles

Oh yeah, since October I’ve been obsessed with pugs. They are just way to cute not to smile and want to hug them until their buggy little eyes pop out. I have issues, I understand.

If you follow me on pinterest  you know I’m obsessed with puggies. My own pug (that I one day will get) is already named  Mr. Puggles. I seriously have issues.

Anyways, I do have a fantastic (at home) work out for all of you to try! I got it off of Carrots ‘N Cake 

Hope you enjoy it!



5 Mar

It’s been a lonnnng time since writing. Actually, it’s been to long. Four months to long. It’s funny how something like writing was such a big thing in my life for a few short months, then it just stopped.

I blame the engagement, holidays, and sheer laziness.

Since the last time I wrote, I’ve been a busy little bee! My wedding is basically all planned. I bought the dress, booked the ceremony and reception places, got the bridesmaid dresses, and picked the colors. I also STOPPED going to the gym! I know, I thought that would never happen.

But Christmas came! Wayne was a smarty pants and got me enough equipment that I didn’t need to go to the gym. Now, I just do quick tabata styled workout that lasts 20 minutes. For some reason 2o minutes compared to sometimes 2 hours in the gym just seems silly. But what’s sillier is my $20 gym membership isn’t being used, and I can’t just cancel it. The day I cancel it is going to be the day I want to go to the gym.

So, maybe now I’ll start back with blogging. Wayne got me a new camera for my bday (actually, my dad got me a new camera for christmas, and some drunk guy accidently dropped and broke it… 2 weeks after receiving it). If I have any readers left, thanks for reading 🙂

And now bring on the pictures! Here’s the dealio on my life:

075 My friend Stevens going away party

119 Had a reunion with Bridgey Boo ❤

124 Wayne and I went to Rover Holiday Hangover, and left early because we got stuck in a freaking mosh pit, and W lost is glasses!

W and I had a date day at the Rochester Science Center! It was a lot of fun 🙂

148 We also went ice skating! I fell about 80 times

154 Ugh… I got my wisdom teethies out 😦

MY birthday was in February! Lot’s of cards, flowers, and gifts were given to me at work! My bff from work, Shana (We’re starting a blog together too!) took me out to lunch, Wayne and I went for drinks and a hockey game, and then spent Saturday with Lisa and a few friends for drinks! Awesome time 🙂



Big UP’S to Wayner!! Second time of Deans list, and he was stated in as the Student Ambassador of Bryant and Stratton! He just runs things 😉

Ok guys, thanks for reading.. I promise I’ll keep everyone updated more 🙂

Back to the grind

15 Nov

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I don’t know if it’s the wedding buzz or what, but last few weeks have gone by so quickly. I literally have almost all of my wedding planned.

I have the place booked, the photographer booked, the photobooth rented, my dress (!!!!)…. All in three weeks. When I get going, I get going.

I have let the gym miss me. I went through two weeks of being really, REALLY sick. I couldn’t do anything, and I missed my gym so badly Sad smile

Then, finally I started to feel better, but never found the time to make it a habit again. It takes 21 days to make a habit, and one day to break it.

So back to the gym and healthy eatin’ for me! I completed last night:

  • 5 minute warm up run
  • stretched
  • seated leg press 12 reps, 3 times each at 115 pounds
  • seated leg extensions, 12 x 3 at 75 lbs
  • seated leg curls, 12 x 3 at 75 lbs
  • leg ABduction, 12 x 3 at 125 lbs
  • leg ADduction, 12 x 3 at 100 lbs
  • 1:00 of sit ups
  • 1:00 of pilates crunches
  • 10 minute run

Ok, so I was NOT feeling it last night. I wanted to run for at least 20 minutes but I kept getting a twinge in my right knee..

I’ll be back tonight for round 2!

10.22.11 Continued

11 Nov

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I had this already written, but I think it may have been deleted Sad smile

Life has been changing quickly over here… But I guess I should state why Smile


So, I left off at 7:00 pm where I pulled into the parking lot. I saw Wayne’s car, and him pacing outside of it. I sat quietly in an adjacent parking lot where he couldn’t see me. I wanted to wait until exactly 7:00pm, so I can take a screen shot of my phone. Finally, I started to drive to Wayne. I was excited, but I kept telling myself to have low expectations. We were talking about this moment for so long, and all I wanted was to see him. We promised to meet at this very moment to see if life with each other was possible.

I parked my car and walked toward Wayne. He greeted me with the usually “Hello, Cutie Pie” (yes, my nickname… that and booger. Ugh) and a hug. Except this hug lasted longer than normal. It also included Wayne whispering in my ear some loving words. Then he started to fiddle with something in his pocket. I kept thinking maybe it was a nice bracelet or a necklace.

But then something happened. He pulled out a box and got down on one knee.

WHAT?! “Amanda Lynora Falzone, will you marry me?


…no, will you marry me?

WAYNE IS THIS A JOKE?! Seriously… Wanna be my wife!?


Oh yeah. It was no joke. It was the real deal.

Then comes crying induced black-outs, lots of kisses and hugs, and one home cooked meal after Smile

Everyone reading this has had about 3 weeks knowledge of our engagement. But that’s how it happened. It was romantic, perfect, and so carefully planned.

That past three weeks, we have been in a crazy planning mode. I have a personality where I try to get everything done ASAP.

We’re getting married on August 17, 2012. We were both born on the 17 day of the month and both our lucky numbers are 17.

Were getting married at the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend, the Charlotte Beach (sans homeless men!)

AW (5 of 52)AW (14 of 52)

I am a very, very lucky girl. My fiancé treats me with respect, love, dignity, and grace. He let’s me be me, he loves me for me, and he will always treat me like gold. I never thought this would EVER happen, but I’m so grateful it did.

aw redo3


28 Oct

photo (6)

October 22, 2011. It was set in stone three years ago. It was a date that I looked forward to every single day.

I met Wayne in January 2007. We worked together, and essentially he was my boss. The first thing I noticed when he walked into the room is that it was January 3 and he was proudly wearing shorts.

Camp Northpoint, Summer 2007


Then I noticed really noticed him, and noticed his personality. You could tell he was the cool guy at work. Everyone liked him and looked up to him. He was a decent guy.

Then we started talking, then started flirting. Then comes dating.

The first weekend he came to visit me in Mansfield


Dating him was difficult, I was living in Pennsylvania and he was in Buffalo. It was to far of a distance, and came to the conclusion that maybe we weren’t ready to be with each other. We both felt that maybe one day we would be together.

February 2007


I mean, we did get a Tarot cards read- said we would break up and find each other again- Then have a lifetime of happiness. Once the cards were dealt we decided to see if we could make it happen.

Halloween at the Sigma Tau Gamma house- October 2007n72302550_30448429_441

In August of 2008 I was getting ready to head back to school. We decided to give the summer a try but by the time August rolled around, we knew what would come. I told him I felt like we should be together just not now. So we decided to place a date on the calendar.

CNP House Party, Summer 2007 


October 22, 2011 in the Wegmans parking lot where I first told him I loved him (I know, sounds weird at first but before I told him, I took him to the beach to tell him but chickened out. I was so upset I didn’t tell him so when I left his house crying I pulled into the lot and made him come get me) at 7:00 in the same spot where we said we loved each other first. We wanted to make a date so we would “run back into each other at some point”. n72302550_30383505_1977

When we broke up, we stopped talking for the longest time. Finally in January 2010 we got in contact with each other. It was an on and off contact because we both were in different relationships. We stopped talking after seeing each other and just thought we’d see each other in October 2011.

Stacy’s Wedding, May 2011


For New Years Eve 2011, I was in Lancaster, PA with my ex. I was thinking of moving down there but had this nagging feeling. I knew I wouldn’t have made friends, find a job, or be happy. I felt terrible for thinking this, but as soon as it was midnight and finally 2011- the first person I thought about was Wayne. I immediately messaged our mutual friend (Wayne’s best friend, Megan) to grab dinner. I would keep in touch with Meg so I could stay in contact with Wayne.

Bridgette’s Ridiculous House Party, Summer 2007


As soon as I walked in to see Meg, she told me Wayne moved back to Rochester. I kept telling her it’s over, I won’t see him again. Then that night I had a dream about seeing him. I kept thinking about it over and over again. I finally made the choice after sitting in the Wegmans parking lot for 2 hours to call him.

He answered, he said yes to drinks. And then I saw him- every. single. day. after that.

October 22, 2011 was still looming in the air and we both said we wanted to meet up. We had to- we promised that we would, and the only reason we would show up is simply because we knew we wanted to spend forever together.

To be continued Smile

Llamas, Mojo, Homeless Men and Red Cat

28 Sep

Happy Humpday! I actually had to ask a coworker what day it was… I thought it was Tuesday, good thing someone told me!

So I feel compelled to blog today. This blog was supposed to be a motivator for me. It was supposed to be my way with connecting to the people who were continuing to push me to be my best. But it turned into a chore, and when I thought about writing, it would make me yawn. I lost the mojo.

I haven’t lost the Mojo; I just got side tracked. I got my head stuck in the clouds, and I stopped.

Everyone who is trying to make themselves better by being more healthy, making fitness a priority, or just making a positive change NEEDS motivation. You cannot complete a goal without motivation. My motivation stopped for some reason.

I realized all of this last week. I vowed I would add more cardio and HIIT to my workouts, and add more whole grains in to my diet as well as just a healthier outlook on life. Then I got freakin’ sick and totally pushed me back.

Stupid stuffy nose. I slept 16 hours between Saturday and Sunday. I needed the rest, I needed to calm down. I was goinggoingoigngoing and never stopping to rest. Then my body rejected what I was doing and FORCED me to stop.

Fitness really is a passion. It’s helped me to love my body, and treat it like a temple. The Human body is so complex and so intricate- and here I was putting nasty foods in it, and doing everything overtime. I have to jump back onto the bandwagon and get ‘er done.

Same goes with becoming a personal trainer. I haven’t cracked open that book in a month. My goal was a chapter a week- It’s been at least 5 since I completed chapter two! I need to buckle down, and make sure I am doing everything I need to do to complete my goal.

I’m notorious when it comes to flaking out on something. I will always have the big ideas and goals but not even half way through I will just…. stop. The reason I want to become a personal trainer is to help people complete their own fitness and health related goals. I can’t let a stupid textbook and hugeassscary test  get in the way of me wanting to complete my goals.

OK ENOUGH OF ME BITCHING. Want some pictures?!

This past Sunday, Wayne and I woke up knowing we wanted to do something. Sunday’s are OUR day. It’s usually the one day where we get to hang out all day long and do whatever we want. Wayne works nights and weekends, I work days. We see each other every day, but spending quality time together can sometimes be far and between so I love having our own date DAY!

We woke up and his mom calls telling him about the Naples grape fest. So immediately I say this is our Sunday plan… What a great plan it turned out to be!

The past few weeks, we’ve gone to the Buffalo Flea Market, The Walden Galleria in Buffalo, Ohio for Roverfest, Avon for a drive in movie…. We’re a very active couple and love going on adventures! So the Grapefest was right up our alley.

The drive to Naples is about an hour from Rochester. It’s a huge wine country area so we indulged in one of my favorite wines. It’s a wine like no other.

It’s given me many nights in college where I wake in the morning cursing it Winking smile

(I was trying to find random drunken wine pictures but I couldn’t find any Sad smile)

Red Cat. I love Red Cat. I love White Cat. “What’s that you asked”

THE BESTEST AWESOME WINE EVAAAA. Well, not really but I know about 28 Zeta’s who love it.

qWayne and I bought a bottle and shared it. We spent the rest of the day tipsy and walking about 5 miles through wine country, jewelry stands, and wine tastings. So much fun Smile! I also made a new friend


Wayne loves to gamble. He loves doing those stupid scratch offs, going to the casino… He loves it. So we came across this


50 cents to play. And guess what couple won 4 times?!


yI GOT IT! and won r

We got 8 free games each, and I tied with another person so we both got 2 extra as well. Awesome!

We were hungry on the way home, so we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for some food, and hit up the dolla movie theater to see “Horrible Bosses”.

Listen to this shiz- We were sitting basically on the end of the row, Wayne had two seats next to him. Some random SHOELESS man came and sat RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Almost on top of him. Wayne got freaked out and got up, climbed over me, and sat to my left. The shoeless man then put his shoeless feet INBETWEEN THE CRACKS OF THE SEATS INFRONT OF US WHERE PEOPLE WERE SITTING. Then leaves before the movie ends. Oh, and he had a weird bag over his lap.

I thought it’s either a creepy dude getting off sitting next to Wayne, or a homeless crazy man. Either way he wasn’t wearing shoes and I don’t play that game. Shoes are a must in the movies.

Source- googling “Shoeless homeless man”

Ironmen make me weak

20 Sep

Good afternoon, everyone Smile

Have you ever gone to an Ironman competition? Sunday was my first. I am in NO WAY capable to doing an Ironman (right now) but DAMN is it awesome to watch!


Ironman is an endurance competition. You are put through three different physical challenges, all timed. This Ironman was a 70.3

70.3…miles. 70.3 FREAKING MILES.

It was a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 mile run. All in a row, starting at the bright an early time of 5 am.

The participants in this challenge are ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean I’M SUPER JEALOUS OF THEM! They are all jacked. Anyone who participates in any form of a triathlon is one hell of an athlete.

oThe lake they had to swim

uThe transition site. This is where they place there belongs (water, bikes, sneakers, clothes). They begin with the swim then immediately RUN out of the water (Which was a blistering 40 degrees) to this station to grab their bikes, water bottles, and sneakers and start their 53 mile bike ride.

jkhbgkAfter they completed the bike ride, they dismount their bike and run it to their site. They slip on shoes, and take off the helmet then off to run a half marathon.

Not sure if you know this, but it takes normal people a long time to just TRAIN for a 13.1 mile run! Oh my lord.

I work for a massage School, so the student will participate in outside events. My friend Shana invited me to come, and I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

I met this man awho is at least 40, and has been doing triathlons, and races for 25 years!  He was from Australia. The winner of Ironman was Bert from Berlin (hahaha Bert from Berlin) and finished with a sub-4 time (any time under 4 hours).

photo (5)He won $8,500 for just finishing. Lucky dude.


A New Beginning

I noticed a slight change in my behavior, my eating, and my body. Not for better, not for worse.

I noticed in my diet, I haven’t been eating to many veggies or whole grains. It also doesn’t help that I’m dating the most pickiest eater who’d rather deep fry ANYTHING then eat my beloved brussles Sad smile. Granted, he’s the coolest cat, but his eating habits make me want to punch him in the eye.

So Since yesterday, I am tracking how many veggies go into my belly, and try different whole grains. My work outs will be more intense and I will be targeting specific muscle groups each day and also incorporate more stretching.

So my work out last night consisted of:

  • 1:00 Bicep curls- 10 lbs
  • 1:00 Tricep curls
  • 1:00 Deltoid ups? I don’t know what you call them but you can find them here
  • 1:00 Shoulder press
  • 1:00 Ab hold with shoulder press
  • 1:00 Sit ups with 10 lbs
  • 1:00 Leg lifts
  • 1:00 Butt lifts (same as a leg lift except your feet stay in the air and you lift your butt… serious burner!)
  • 20 push ups

Then I tried doing 26 minutes on the Arc Trainer, but my gym thought it would be funny to have the stupid fire alarm go off and make me stand in the rain for 15 minutes while the firefighters look FOR NOTHING! So finally when I got back in, I had only 5 minutes left before I had to leave so I sprinted a half mile then left.