12 Jul

It’s official. Wayne and I will be heading down to Cleveland, Ohio to participate in Roverfest 2011!

In case you don’t know who or what Rovers Morning Glory is- it’s a radio morning show featuring some of the dumbest and hilarious people on the planet. There is Rover, who is the main leader of the show. Super opinionated and loves to cause drama. Duji is his female side kick who is the motherly one of the group and get’s ripped on for her huge forehead. Dieter is the jock of the group who says hes “Ohio’s top 5 hottest guy”. Chocolate Charlie and Dumb are phone screener’s and sound guys. All in all, it’s a 5 hour show that is ridiculous.

Roverfest is really a big “drink all day and party all night” kind of festival. They have concerts, food, beer, and a competition for girls to be featured in their 2012 Rovers Calendar. I always wanted to go, and over the weekend Wayne and I were talking about taking a 1 day trip down to the Cleave. We both don’t have unlimited monetary funds at our fingertips grasp so we both had to budget it out:

2 Roverfest Tickets- $46

1 night hotel- $50 (Thanks to the wonderful booking guy who I couldn’t understand his thick accent.. We quickly became friends!)

Gas- approximately $64.69 (thanks!)

2 tickets to the Rock and Roll hall of Fame AND Football Hall of Fame (had to cover is for both of our loves in life!)- $38 each

Food- We will be a cooler with snacks, probably a loaf of bread with some PB & J, lot’s of water and we might be needing some Tylenol for Sunday morning hangovers. My head already hurts!

So really, the trip will be about $150 for both of us, all in all. Not to shabby!


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