Sweaty tanks

13 Jul

Why does my boxing coach think its a great idea to go running when it’s a bikkion degrees out?!

I walked outside an immediatley became sweaty. As soon as i did one lap up the hill we run on, i quickly went from sweaty to down right disgusting. Good thing i box with a bunch of he-man sweaty dudes so i dont get noticed.

We started off with a quick run up and down the hill for a round, then did lunges up the hill and sprints down the the hill. By the time i got to the bottom of the hill, i thought i was made up of jelly.

We got back into the ring for push ups, tricep dips, and shuffleing in the ring. Then come stations.

Ooohh the joy of stations. First off, everyone is in the respective station (usually on a heavy bag or in the ring with coach), but sweat is flying off them. If u put all the sweat that drips from us, it would fill a bucket. And now im going to vomit at the thought of gallons of sweat. Ew.

I did pretty well today. Tuesdays are the hardest day of boxing because its the first day back from the weekend. It doesnt matter WHAT kind of exercise i do over the weekend, tuesday boxing is the hardest.

(Be warned:  BElow are pictures in not order… I was blogging from my phone and still don’t know how to move things around!)


mid burpee


Lisa and I- aka "Sweat Monster"


Flexin' the big guns



DEATH = push ups


Can you spot the blogger?


Coaches push ups


I was pretty hungry before working out, so I wanted something light and fruity. I opted for a half cup of cottage cheese and a mango. I WAS IN FRUIT HEAVEN. I LOVE Golden Mango’s. They are way better then normal mango’s. They are so sweet and juicy and mix perfectly with cold, creamy cottage cheese. MMMMMMmmm









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