Pasta Dishes and Crunches

14 Jul

Good Evening, everyone 🙂

My body is soooorrree today from boxing! I shouldn’t be surprised because I haven’t NOT been sore since May. It’s getting to be a normal thing for me. But today, when I stretched I thought my shoulder was going to fall out of the socket. Yikes!

Late Night vs. Early Morning

A lot of people perfer to workout as soon as they wake up. I totally get it; You wake up and immediatley tackle one of the hardest things to do. I am not that person.

I wake up at 5:50 am and not a minute before. If I wanted to wake up and go to the gym, I’d have to wake up before 4 am to even get a decent bit of cardio and weights. I prefer to work out at night.

I have the most un-stimulating job in the world. I wake up and fax, print, file and answer phones ALL FREAKING DAY. You better believe I need to WORK IT OUT after or I will go crazy. If I didn’t, then one day I will go nuts and pour ALL of our product that we sell on some innocent customer. Then I’ll get fired. Not good.

So, After work today (really yesterday) I  went right to Marshalls and picked up a new pair of New Balance running capris and an YogaEco shirt (pictures to come), then was able to enjoy a fabulous dinner made by Kim (mama D) with my family.

Then… Off to the gym to workout my daily frustrations and such. 25 minutes on the Elliptical. I started at a level 4, and every 2 minutes I’d bump up resistance level until I hit 20; 20 is NO JOKE. I busted my butt on that thing!!! After that I enjoyed 30 minutes of 7.5 free weights and 6 minutes of unstoppable sit ups.


And now, I’m nursing a tight hammy. Thank God I work at a Massage School and we have Thumbbys  so I’m using it to take away this freakin’ knot. Ouch!


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