Committing to the Blog

24 Jul

I have wanted to write a healthy living and fitness blog for some time. I’ve read a few blogs that are my inspiration ( and ) to become someone who motivates others through my day-to-day life that includes eating healthy, stay active and being positive! So, I’m gonna change it up!

While I was working on my undergrad in Psych, I had a professor name Dr.Murray. Dr.Murray wasn’t a huge fan of me because I hate being a psych major and I usually let everyone know. I wasn’t the person I am today- So, Dr.Murray if you ever read this… Sorry… But Dr. murray always did a NEW AND GOOD at the beginning of each class. It was just 2 things: something that is new and something that is good. So, Every day I will tell you my new and good! This will give me something to reflect on and post!

New and Good

If you are updated in this blog, you read how yesterday I wore my gram’s dress (found here). This was my good, because it made her so happy to see her little girl in the dress she loved and held onto for a long time. She’s such a cutie!

Birthday Gram!

My something new is my workout! I went to the gym after a good breakfast and completed the following:

Treadmill Run (completed in 25 minutes)

-1.2 miles at a 5.0 pace

-3/4 mile at a 4.0 pace

.25 mile at a 5.0 pace

(Following is 1 minute rounds)

-1 rounds of sit ups with (2) 7.5 dumbbells in each hand

-leg lifts (laying down-hands under your butt cheeks- lift your legs and lower then slowly)

-butt lifts (same as above but when you lift your leg push your feet up to the ceiling)

-mountain climbers


(Following were done on weight machine)

-15 reps /5 sets Seated Leg press 100 lbs

10 reps/ 3 sets Leg  Extensions 50 lbs

10 reps/ 3 sets Leg Curls 50 lbs

After my last set of leg curls, I looked at the clock and realized I was there for almost 2 hours! I had to rush home and get ready. Lisa, Kristin and I were going to go to a sex toy party, but it unfortunately it got cancelled. That meant one thing: Sex toy store! It’s always fun to go to the novelty store because its an awkward place to go but always fun with friends.

After our adult excursion we went to Target for two things: the bathroom and clothes. I was going to get a sweet workout tank top, but decided I shouldn’t. Gotta save up for my books for my certification! After that, I ended up home eating a heaping plate of Italian Sausage, potatoes, peppers, carrots, and onion. Sooooo goooood!

Off to hang out with family and Lisa!



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