Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire

24 Jul

I haven’t posted in awhile (more to come about this!), so here’s a snip-it of my weekend:

Friday I finally went out for drinks and food with my wonderful girlfriend, Kristin. We met at church when we were younger (a lot of people find this wildly hilarious seeing as the type of people we are now) and throughout the years kept in touch. It was good to catch up with someone who knows your past and understands your present. After a few drinks, Wayne met up with us for food. Always good to see him walk in the room 🙂

Yesterday, I woke up around 9:30 (I can’t for the life of me sleep in!) and had Wayne drop me off at the gym. My workout included:

Treadmill Run:

0-2 minutes/5.1 pace/0 incline

2-4 minutes/5.5 pace/ 1.0 incline

4-6 minutes/6.0 pace/2.0 incline

6-8 minutes/5.1 pace/ 3.0 incline

8-10 minutes/ 5.5 pace/ 4.0 incline

10-12 minutes/6.0 pace/ 5.0 inclince

12-15 minutes/ 5.1 pace/1.0 incline

15-17 minutes/ 4.0 pace/1.0 incline

17-20 minutes/5.1 pace/ 1.0 incline

Total Body Workout

*Below I did with 7.5 lbs- 1 minute rounds*

– bicep curls



-shoulder presses

-dead lifts

– 20 triceps dips (body weight)

awesome shoulder workout 

-shoulder presses in the front of you

-finished with a quarter mile sprint

I seriously think I have a sweating problem because I looked like a He-man who got drenched. Gross.

After the workout, I came home to shower and get ready for Wayne’s sister, Valerie’s Murder Mystery Party! Wayne was Fred Astaire and I was Ginger Rogers.

If you don’t know who these two are- they were famous dance partners (Even though I found out Fred preferred dancing with Rita Hayworth!). Well, we obviuosly had to dress like them so I was on a mission to find the perfect outfit. Unfortuantly I didn’t find anything I wanted to wear and told Gram this. She said she was keeping a dress from the 40’s. She brought it out and it was PERFECT!

The Dress and The Owner

Ugh, she was so freakin’ happy to see the dress come back to life 🙂

My Fred

Wayne had it easy- He’s a bartender and wheres a suit to work so he had to just dress normal.

He needs to shave and wax that thing above his lip

At the murder mystery party we had to put clues together to figure out who killed Jerry Oilamn. Ginger did NOT life Jerry. Jerry was a jerk.. But thankfully no one thought I killed him. Jimmy Hendrix did. With his guitar. Shame shame.

While playing we eat pizza and wings. We also popped open a pinata  that looked like Oprah  Winfrey. So then I ate enough candy to make me go into a sugar coma. I came home craving something and leafy. I then consumed an entire cucumber. Normal.



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