Hidden Socks and Sausages

25 Jul

Good afternoon readers! Hope your Monday is going quickly and easily. Actually, I hope every day is like this for you… Except Saturday and Sunday. Gotta enjoy those days!

New and Good 

During my lunch break, I usually take a nap in my car (his name is Ricardo Fernandez). I’ve been napping in my car since my first real big kid job at Clear Channel Radio. I was in sales and always on the road… So when I had an hour in between meetings that were usually on opposite ends of the city- I’d nap in my car! It became such a habit that sometimes people would suspicious of me and call the cops on the sleeping girl in the car. Yep, I had a cop roll up on me once to ask if I was okay- Yeah I’m okay Copper, I’m freakin’ nappin’ dawg.  

Thankfully, no one called the cops on my midafternoon nappy time but I did realize I need to clear Ricardo out. BAD

Don't be fooled by Ricardo- he eats clothing for a living.

I tried putting my seat down in my car to nap, and was rudely blocked by a mound of stuff. I found a sweater, two sneakers, boxing gloves, 13 water bottles, 2 coffee tumblers, a tank top, sneaker insoles, random pay stubs, 3 unknown cd’s, underwear (yeah this is gross but these were left in the car because i had to change and shower at the gym and left my clothes in the car), 3 brochures on random hiking spots, 3 flip flops, 5 socks, a watch, empty wine bottle from a wine tour (again this should not be in my car!!) and 2 hoodies.

Good thing: I now know I need to clean my car and I found the socks I’ve been missing! So really, this should be both my new and good. And since I am the author of this blog… They are!

Before my afternoon 3o minute coma, I always eat my lunch. I carefully sit in my car, and shovel my food in my mouth hoping none spills on my legs. Today I had Gran’s Italian Sausage, green peppers, onions, and potato one pot dish

pre-shoveling into mouth

I tend to eat my lunch in literally 6 minutes. I’m like an Ethiopia child who hasn’t had any food in front of her for days. Commence shovelin’



MMMMMMmmm. Now after my lunch and food induced nap, off to work some more. See ya later for a hopeful workout post!



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