Lunch Time Concert Tickets (New and Goods)

26 Jul

Before getting into my lunch time concert tickets, here is what I scrambled for lunch:

photo (20)

All leftovers… I had rotisserie chicken from Wegmans, steamed broccoli with olive oil, and some veggies and potatoes from myItalian Sausage bake

I added a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese in Light Swiss. I love this stuff!

photo (21)

Instead of my usual “Eat in 7 minutes flat then nap until I get the cops called on me” and ate in 7.5 minutes then went to my old place of work, Clear Channel Radio.

I worked in sales while there; very high energy job with lot’s of perks. It was a great job and an even better learning experience. I met a lot of wonderful people, including a very close friend named Rubi (HI RUBIIII!!!). I was excited to be able to go to my old stomping grounds and say hi to a few people!

I made sure to say hi to some close co-workers and ran into one while leaving. Besides seeing old friends, I was able to score some Kid Cudi tickets from Rubi!!! WOOO HOO!!! Now if that isn’t a New and Good, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!

Yeah, I’m pretty pumped. Back in college, my friend Tom and I would listen to him non-stop… I finally get to go see him LIVE tomorrow with Wayne! Very excited Smile


After work today, I get to go box FINALLY with Lisa! She hasn’t gone in over a week and a half because she works crazy hours at our local hospital (she plays with dead things). I told her tonight’s going to be rough for her, but I’m sure she’s gonna make it!

Question For You:

Do you keep in touch with past coworkers?


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