Cannoli’s, Sweat and Sushi

27 Jul

Doesn’t the name of this post make you want to go eat (or vomit if you hate sweat like I do!)

This post is a bit delayed. I had boxing last night and when I got home I just didn’t feel like typing. Instead of Facebook stalked about 38 different people (you might have been one of them.. muahahah).


Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favorite. I get out of work and rush home to throw on the same work out outfit I wear every day and head in to the ring. Sometimes, I almost don’t want to go in to Box because I ‘m tired. But the best way to wake up your body is workin’ it out!

Last night, Lisa and I headed to boxing. Lisa hasn’t boxed in over a week so she was a little apprehensive to say the least. Right at 6:30 we went out side to the hill of hate (what I like to call it) for jumping jacks and sprints. Then Coach thought it was a great idea to make up go up the hill in the grass and do lunges across the field then sprint back. I don’t understand who loves to sprint, but it ain’t me.

After the hill of hate and terrible lunges (I’m really not trying to sound negative… everything we do during boxing I ALWAYS have a smile on my face because I love it, I’m just trying to be clever Winking smile ), we went in side to do jumpees. Jumpees are the terrible awesome jump workout where you have two 5lb dumbbells in both hands and jump from side to side keeping your feet together and hands above your heart. Then you jump for an annoying 3 minute rounds. Once we have a 30 second break- we go into push ups- then back to jumpees.

After that circuit, we partner up (obviously Lisa is my permanent partner!) and do half way sit ups (50) and switch partners. We do this twice. Then we switch to oblique rolls (lay on your back and your partner stands above you- hold into their ankles and lift your legs then drop them slowly to the right-back to the top- then slowly to the left 25x). 

Next we bag work and mit work. Mind you, as soon as I get into the actual building I have sweat dripping down my face just in anticipation. Last night was especially sweaty because I drank a mass amount of water before boxing. All that water got sweated out. NASTY. I will stop what I’m doing, even if it’s in the ring  and freak out because sweat got in my mouth. It seriously grosses me out.

After Boxing  

After boxing we took a mini trip to Wegmans because my stomach was eating itself. We went half grocery shopping, half “Amanda’s gonna die without food”. I snapped this picture before shoveling food in my face because my boxing coach thinks all Italians eat Cannoli’s and Pasta (which I don’t… usually)

photo (25) Mind you, this is a very unattractive photo of me due to the mass amount of sweat that was pouring down my face.


So I wrangled up some sushi, pretzel thins and humus.

photo (23)

I love sushi. Even the sushi from Wegmans is pretty intense. This baby was gone in 2 minutes. Gram asked what it was, and I said it’s raw fish. She then proceeded to get grossed out and walked away.

photo (24)HOW CAN THIS GROSS YOU OUT!? This wonderful piece of art was hand crafted! It was white rice (I know, brown rice is the way to go but the texture seriously weirds me out), seaweed wrap, avocado, “crab meat”, cucumbers and salmon. HELLO, DOES THIS NOT SCREAM EAT ME?! In the background I had Tribe hummus in Roasted Sweet Pepper, and some sesame pretzel thins. 

Ok now for some excitement:


Pictures and more excitement to come!!!!!


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