Kid Cudi’s My Buddy: The desperate 16 year old

28 Jul

This post will resemble one of the 16 year old drunk girl I saw at the concert, puking her brains out in the bathroom. So excuse me.

After work last night, I rushed home to change and get prepped for the big Cudi concert. I prepared an awesome chicken salad that was LOW FAT and freakin’ delish:

-1 small can of chicken (smells like tuna but I promise it’s seriously great)

-1/2 tbsp of light mayo

-1 wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese is Light Swiss

-Little Salt, lot’s of pepper

The added Laughing Cow is what makes the wrap. So good! fdvcI used a Wegman’s Whole Wheat Tortilla, baby spinach, and homegrown Cherry Tomatoes. Awesome preconcert meal is ya ask me!

bfvc(Excuse me while I shove my face… Love the embarrassing but honest portrayal of who I am)

Wayne came over shortly after inhaling my wrap and we packed up the car and was about to head out. We needed the Garmin that was in his car, so I stepped out to grab it. Well, the car was locked. Wayne’s keys were safely INSIDE THE CAR. It took 1 crowbar, 1 wire hanger and 1 hour to try and unsuccessfully get the car to unlock. So we decided to deal with it in the morning, and head out!

There was no traffic at all. We were lucky enough to get free lawn seats, but when we got there we noticed almost all of the “good seats” weren’t taken. Wayne knew how much I’ve loved Cudi for the past two years, so he told me his goal was to get me so close to the stage I could touch him… Well, here’s the pictures!

photo (3) From the front of the lawn

photoOn the lawn

kjsdflksaChip the Ripper (Opening Act)

photo (2)Mid concert when we got about 20 rows to the front

photo (4)Then we made friends with the workers and they let us stand by the stage!!

fdsfdsf (5)Yep. That close. It was unbelievable!


My senior year, my friend Tom and I only listened to Kid Cudi. He sang out anthems that would be on repeat all day-every day. “Up Up and Away” and “Hyyer” we’re seriously our lives. Going to this concert made me think back to one of the best years of my life. I’m so glad I experienced this concert with Wayne. It was his first rap concert and we both totally jammed out. It’s good to know both of us share a love for every kind of music and love to go crazy at concerts! He was so happy the whole time and I was dumbfounded by how close we got to the Artist who literally got my through life.

The one thing that got me at the concert was how many little people there was! And by little people, I mean teens! SO many drunk, belligerent teens who were being out of control. Wayne said if we ever had kid’s they would NOT be able to go out of the house in the clothes half of them were wearing (or not wearing…) Yikes, parents today Winking smile.

On the way home the only thing I could talk about was I couldn’t believe how close I got to him how much fun I had!

The next big thing up for Wayne and I: ROVERFEST!!!

(IF any of your Rochestarians love Rover as much as we do- they’re coming this weekend!)


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