The Weekend Run Down

1 Aug

Man, I have a LOT to write about. This post will include about a billion photographs. Sorry!

I’m going to skip talking about Friday, because it was a terrible day at work. After, I had some fun with my friend from work, Shana. That was the only good part Smile.

Saturday I was supposed to go to the creepy old house and move some of my mom’s things I wanted. One big article of hers was an antique Chiro cabinet. I was going to go at 11. Then my aunt changed it to 12. Then 12:30. Finally at 1:0o pm she was ready to do everything, so I rushed and got it all done within an hour! Thank God Lisa was there to help!

After we sweated a pound, we decided to go to the gym. Lisa is starting the Couch to 5k program (Which made her mad.. you walk for 1:30 and run for 1 minutes.. she hated having to push buttons every minute!) and I ran the longest I’ve ever ran WITHOUT stopping. Now don’t make fun of me, marathon runners!

photo (26)

I was only going at a 5.1 pace, and I know I can run A LOT faster, but I needed that easy pace after moving.

We then did a quick weight circuit:

25 dumbbell bicep curls (7.5lbs)

15 push ups

25 dumbbell bicep curls (7.4)

150 sit ups

1 minute V ups

1 minute sides

15 awesome shoulder moves x 3

Then decided we were done. Off to shower then getting ready for DATE NIGHT!

Date Night


Lisa’s husband, TJ and Wayne both work together at a bar. This means we both have empty nights without our men so we always get together and do dates. Wayne doesn’t eat a lot of the food I eat (pickiest kid EVER), so I indulge with Lisa. This week we went to a new steak and Japanese place called Kobe . Bring on the pictures:

photo (29)Started off with a mixed salad with a house Ginger Vinaigrette dressing

photo (30) Some Miso soup

photo (32)Had to include some Mango Tango rolls

photo (31)I had an Asian Pear Cosmo (I am NOT a girly drink person, but couldn’t resist.. Date Night is also Baller Night and “Get inappropriately drunk” Night)

photo (34)Lisa polished this little beauty that had a more tequila than anything else.


photo (33)photo (35)photo (37)photo (38)photo (39)photo (40)

I had: Rice, sautéed veggies, lo mien,  scallops and steak. Awesome!

When we came home, I got a phone call from Wayne saying he got out early! I haven’t spent a Saturday night with him in forever!

photo (41)We spent the night drinking and going to a strip club. Because isn’t that what couples in love do?!

Ok, for real though… We went to the strip club because our favorite Morning Show, Rovers Morning Glory was going to be there! This is the same group Wayne and I are going to see in Ohio!

photo (42)

I was like a little school girl!

Sunday went undocumented. Wayne and I went to his family party for his sister, Val. I ate WAY to much Oreo Ice Cream Cake that made me gain about 17 pounds. Ate way to much chip and dip (my love for queso is intense!), and had some fun with his family.

On our way to my grandmothers for dinner we stopped at the old Wegmans

photo (43)Story behind this: We first said I love you in this parking lot! No, we weren’t shopping. I was so nervous to tell him that I just left his house, mustered up the courage and made him meet me here. We always said (when we broke up back in 2008ish) that we would meet on October 21,2011 at this same spot to reconnect. Thank God we met before, I don’t think I could have waited any longer Smile Love you babe!


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