What’s Perfect Ain’t Always Perfect

1 Aug

Good afternoon readers!

Man, lately work has been flying by! Which is good, because my favorite time of day is lunch time!

photo (44)I enjoyed a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich on  Soft Wheat Bread, with homegrown lettuce, baby tomatoes and some hummus. On the side was a sliced green pepper. Good Eats people!

Realizing You Won’t Be Perfect

I’ve never claimed to be perfect. Actually, I don’t ever want to be perfect- That’s no fun at all. I like making mistakes and learning from them.

So this is what I want to talk about it; Trying to be perfect. I know so many people out there that wish they were a size zero. I once had a tumblr account and stopped using it for motivation because people would post photo’s of girls they wanted to look like… Not themselves.

To say “I don’t want to look like _______” would be an understatement. IF I could I would have Jennifer Anistons hair, Mila Kuniz’s body… Honestly, I could go on. But the thing is, I don’t WANT to be these people. I want to be me. I was made the way I am for a reason, and there is no way I can change this.

When you work out- DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Don’t do it because your ex broke up with you, and know you need to impress dudes. Don’t do it because someone thinks you look fat.

Do it for you. Be healthy so your body feels great. Work out so your body looks great. Lift weights to be stronger; Run so your legs can carry you on through life.

Eat that broccoli, because your body loves it. Your body craves water. Let it drink. It takes so much to make huge changes in your life. I get it! I was that girl who would lay in bed all day. I used to eat a whole bag of goldfish IN ONE NIGHT!

Now, after months of working out and eating right… My body craves to run and lift. I get excited to sweat. My body craves veggies, healthy carbs, and loves water.

I started this blog to track my workouts and to motivate. I love when people come up to me and tell me I’ve motivated them to be healthier. Every time someone talks about how “Your facebook is all healthy stuff, all you talk about is fitness”- IT MAKES MY WHOLE BODY SMILE. I love being that person.

I love helping others find a passion like I did. I love motivating others to run that extra mile, or trying out a new class. It’s awesome! Those people MOTIVATE me now.

The people that work at the gym know me by name. That makes me keep going, because I’m a “Regular” now.

Tina, who once came up to me at the Dollar Tree and told me I motivated her to keep pushing at losing weight- motivates me.

The random lady at the gym who came up to me to tell me she lost 140 lbs and wants me to give HER pointers, motivates me.

The countless random friends and family members who tell me their thoughts about this blog, motivate me.

My grandma, who is always proud of how long I ran for, motivates me.

Coach motivates me every week to keep sweating and boxing.

Lisa motivates me by being my gym partner and always high fiving me when I make a goal.

Wayne motivates me by telling me I’m smokin’ hot (which me rolling my eyes always comes next).

So, what’s your motivation to becoming a new and healthy you? My goal was to be stronger and run longer and faster than every before… Guess what? I’m stronger, run races, and love when sweat drips in my eyes (NOT).


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