Big Ol’ Booty

3 Aug

Good morning, readers! Happy Hump Day Winking smile Try not to get to excited about it!

Real quick, sorry for not posting an afternoon post. So, to give you the low down on my lunch-a-roo:

I pack my lunch EVERYDAY. I allow myself to buy lunch once a week, and that is what I did. If you live in Rochester, go to The Dark Horse Café, located I nthe Village Gate. They have a great choice of fresh foods and awesome drinks. I got the Chicken Pesto Panini and some organic flavored water:

photo (45) photo (47)

The Panini was great, but I wished it was on a whole wheat bread. The water was actually good! It was water, but infused with mint, vanilla, and lemon grass. Awesome drink! Check out the ingredients:

 photo (48)Yowza! This stuff was a good way to get some extra water into the bod. I drink roughly a gallon a day. I also take about 78 bathroom trips, just during work. Sometimes, I need a little flav-a-flav to get me going.

After work last night, I rushed home to beat the heat and traffic. When I got home, I hung out with Gran for a little bit. It’s a great feeling to be so close to someone so elderly (Gran’s actually a pretty Spring Chicken so elderly wouldn’t be an appropriate word to describe her). She confides in me and I in her; she never judges me for the life choices I make. She cares for everyone that comes into her life or mine. She’s a phenomenal role model for me!

Anyways, after hangin’ for a little, I got ready. I’ve had a few questions about where I get my “Gear” from. Let me tell you, I am a baller when it comes to work out gear. I get all my stuff for Le Tar-Get or I will dig my way through boxes that I have yet to unpack since I graduated college….  almost 2 years ago. Yep.

  • Tight black yoga pants: Target $25
  • Grey Beater: A very old American Eagle tank
  • Sports bra underneath: Macy’s
  • Purple tank: $12 Target
  • Nike Air Maxes: Lady Foot Locker $100

photo (49)

I just started wearing tank tops while working out because I feel comfortable in them. I used to wear ugly old t-shirts, then realized I needed to improve my gear so I went out and bought sweat wicking shirts from target. THEY ARE AWESOME. I love them so much, and almost always wear them. I started wearing tanks because it gets so hot here sometimes.


I was almost nervous for boxing last night because I haven’t been since last Tuesday. To be honest, it wasn’t that hard!

We did jumping jacks for about 3 minutes, did sprints and runs up and down the hill and jumping jacks up and down the hill (not for the coordinationly inept). After that, we went back inside to get steps and did a few rounds of foot work and push ups. Then we did bag work, which some times can be boring because I need someone in my face telling me what to do. I am not the type of person to just got nuts on a body bag. So I was getting a little bored, but I get it.. There are about 10-12 students in this program so it’s hard to get one-on-one time with Coach in an hour. We ended the hour with leg lifts, scissor kicks, and leg holds.

photo (52)Even if the classes wasn’t super hard, you still sweat… See the Sweat Man?! Gross, right? Oh, and for your enjoyment, here is my sweat through tank top (includes overly large hips)photo (53)

photo (56)

Please disregard my weird face I’m making. I can’t make my arm muscle flex so my hand was shaking uncontrollably.

Ended the night with a snack… I don’t eat anything before boxing, because I’m pretty sure Coach would shake me until I lost brain control for vomiting on him, so I eat when I get home… I never eat a “dinner” sized meal, because I don’t get home until 8:00-8:30 pm. I have a bowl of Cantaloupe and a Whole Wheat Pop (found at Wegmans) with almond butter and a banana

photo (51)

Hips Don’t’ Lie

As of late, my posts included lot’s of pictures and some pretty personal thoughts. Let’s keep this goin’, k?

I have a weird body shape. I’ve never been super comfortable with it, but it’s what I got. My hips are 38 inches wide, and my waist is 27 inches wide (well, that was my old measurements from about 9 months ago so I’m hoping this has changed). If you know ANYTHING at all, you would say DAMNNNNN your hips to waist ratio is way outta tune. So that’s what I’m gonna chat about.

I clearly have a big butt, I always have. I remember the day I realized this about myself. It was in 10th grade and I was wearing these jeans that fit perfectly and hugged my body. I was standing at my locker and someone walked by my and said “Damn, look at the ass”. And ever since then, it’s been my calling card. Yep, my butt is famous.

I’ve never been comfortable with having a big butt, because that means you have huge hips. HUGE CHILD BEARIN’ HIPS. Babies will soon be flying out of my body due to my huge hips (just grossed myself out).

Let me tell you, I buy a size 10 jean, and a size small to medium shirt. MY BODY IS UNPROPORTIONAL!

My boxing coach has become a friend, as well as some of the guys I box with. I regularly tell them about my concerns with my small upper body and larger lower body. Coach says I will never get rid of my big hips and thighs, that they are apart of my genetic DNA (My lower half comes from the Falzone (Dad) side, the top half comes from the Morgenberger (Mom) side) and I need to accept this about myself.

I have heard BILLIONS of times from countless people that Kim Kardashian is famous for her curves.

Marilyn Monroe was famous for those big hips and small tiny waist.

I get it people, curves are in and kickin’. The size 0 is NOT the hero anymore. I get it, I really do. But sometimes, when I look in the mirror and see how un-proportional I am- I get down on myself. 

I know I’m never going to be tiny, and I never claimed I wanted that. I never want to be “skinny”; my goal in life is to be fit, strong, and confident. I’m working on all three of these goals. The confidence will come in time, little by little.

What about you? If there a certain body part you feel ashamed to have? IS your booty rockin’ every where? Do you think your arms are massive compared to your little chicken legs?

By The Way::::::

Shout out to some readers: Tiffany (Ashley’s Friend) and Dawn! Love when readers give feed back, or LIKE the Facebook Fan Page! Yay for readers!!! Love it!


5 Responses to “Big Ol’ Booty”

  1. Melitta Basa August 3, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Room this is awesome! great page! reach out to young readers you’d help boost their confidence….you just helped me 😉 owwwe owwee

    • Be Fit Train Hard August 3, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

      Yay! So glad you love it! I have a picture of you some where in here… Check out the ABOUT page 🙂 LOVE YOU!

  2. Butch G February 8, 2012 at 3:23 am #

    Your hips to waist ratio is not way out of tune, it’s great. Stop being a dumb dumb.

    • Be Fit Train Hard March 7, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      Thank you! You know how females can get about their body 😉 But I do appreciate the nice words!


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