Beer and Weenie Cake

5 Aug

Just want to say, one more time…

HAPPY FRIDAY! I love how no matter what happens at work on a Friday, it’s always good.

At work, we (by we I mean my co-workers and not myself.. I’m phone bitch) had to rearrange all the offices and make NEW offices. My poor coworkers were worked to the bone, and all I did was sit and watch. My leg actually started the cramp up when it wasn’t moving big objects. My legs like doing that.

Because of this big move, Boss man bought us all lunch.

photo (81)

I ran a serious train on a burrito bowl. It was awesome, even though it cut into my lunch time coma. I can deal- It’s Friday!


Tonight, I’m running into an past sorority sister, Tara. She was a year ahead of me. She’s freaking nuts so I’m headed for a good time tonight. Wayne hopefully gets out of the bar sooner than later to meet us out.

Tomorrow is a little something called The Park Ave Fest. Basically it’s a huge arts fest by day, drink all night kinda party. So a majority of the day will be spent there.

How To Stay Motivated Through The Weekend

The one thing I looked forward to doing on the weekend is work out. I know, it’s crazy and I’m probably the only person that really enjoys it.

On Fridays, it’s harder to place gym time in there because I’ll go hang out with coworkers or friends right after work, or have to go home for dinner. I try pretty hard to get to the gym for just a little on Fridays because I feel even more accomplished… Because getting through a whole work week is tough enough!

Saturdays I love, because no matter what, I will wake up at 8:30 and stay up for awhile. Wayne usually sleeps in till 9:30 so once we’re up and ready, we grab gym clothes and go. When I work out on Saturday and Sunday morning, it’s gets me going for the rest of my day. I CANNOT DO THIS ON WEEKDAYS. If I do, I will be a walking zombie and no one would want that to happen.

When it comes to weekend things… Like drinks and going out for dinner, I try to play it smart. When I go to dinner, I make sure to get a some-what healthy dish, and try not to get a drink (except last weekend..). When I do go out to the bar, I always try and NOT drink beer (Unless I’m dragged to a strip club and feel super awkward ordering drinks and make Wayne do it). I usually get club soda and any flavor Vodka. It’s bland, but I love it!

I used to drink a TON of beer and eat a TON of garbage plates. And last summer was the summer my best friend got married… So  add in all the extra Weenie Cake.



That, my friends, is a Garbage Plate. It’s a Styrofoam plate filled with home fries, mac salad, 2 grilled cheeses (well, that’s what I get, everyone normal and not a 2 year old gets cheeseburgers) . Now if that doesn’t scream EAT ME BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE VOMIT BUT TASTE LIKE GOLD!!!!!! I don’t know what does.

Because of all this fantastic tasting high fat junk food was being consumed at 2 am on top of the 1.5 gallons of beer I ingested, I gained a few pounds.

Now that I’m healthier, and more conscious of my health, I’ve cut down on the plates (my last one was the one above… Summer of 2010), and I try to drink lower calorie beer and wine.

I also kept saying “BEACH SEASON BABY” even though I have yet to go to the lake, and only swim at night.

Next is fall season, gotta get ready for pumpkin picking, so extra weight will be needed to lift.


FYI::: BOUGHT MY BOOKS FOR PERSONAL TRAINING! I was super nervous, because this is just the first step into what could be a life time opportunity!


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