Freakin’ Weekend

8 Aug

I have a LOT of catching up to do! Obviously the weekend goes by way to fast and I had no time or energy to try and bang out some blogs. So, please get ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures Smile

Friday at work ended on a good note. I went over to a coworkers house to hang out for a little to unwind. I couldn’t stay to long because I needed to get ready since I was getting drinks with an older sorority sister, Tara! It’s been about 2 years since I’ve last seen the crazy chick, so I was pretty excited. Plus, because I went to school in the middle of nowhere PA, all of my friends live in that state. I never have ANY  sister just happen to be in the ROC! Pretty sweet, right?

Before I left, I scarfed down some tilapia with tomatoes and basil, brown rice, and green beans. ,sdjbflsI could eat a whole bowl of green beans. I don’t know what it is with me and green veggies, because I could eat my weight in them. All day, every day.

I drove with Brian and Lisa to Rookies- a bar and grille in Pittsford, NY to meet up with Tara.

I was way to excited:

photo (86)

photo (84)

YAY! Being reunited with a friend from your past is a great feeling. I love hanging out with my college girlfriends so we can reminisce about all the times we probably don’t remember.

photo (85)

Got to give my best friend some love too Smile

Wayne got out of work early, so he came down to meet up with us. After the bar crowd was thinning, we played some pool. And by we, I mean Wayne kicked my butt because I have short stubby arms and the Q is to long. photo (88)

photo (87)

After getting my butt handed to me, we traveled home!


The next morning I woke up and needed breakfast on the go. I had 1 homemade waffle with Almond Butter and some coffee

photo (89)

Wayne and I had plans to go to the Park Ave Fest , which by day it’s a huge arts festival and by night it’s a big “Let’s-play-beer-pong-on-the-roof”scene. I pushed my work out back until after we got back.

Thankfully, we found a bomb parking spot and caught a shuttle.

photo (90)

We were surprised how many people were there around noon. Lot’s a puppies (I made sure to pet most of them), pregnant chicks (Tis the season), and awesome people watching… AKA Hippy man with Bubbles

photo (93)

This dude was making some serious bubbles! We also walked by and stopped in the Kashi tent. It’s a tasting of some cereals and snacks from Kashi. It was so cool, you would hop on a laptop and register. Once you did, you received a bracelet with a QR code on it and go around tasting snacks and voting for what you like through scanners. Super cool!

photo (91)

photo (92)

My favorite was the TLC Pita Chip- Original 7 Grain with Sea Salt. I’m a sucker for crackers, and this baby would be tasty with the 7 pound of hummus I eat. Or Laughing Cow… Or probably anything.

Wayne stopped at the lotto tent and won an extra $50 (also won another $50 yesterday on scratch off!) so he was happy! He also bought me this bracelet I was searching for

photo (94)

I was going to every tent looking for the perfect bracelet. I have really tiny wrists so I need one that’s small enough to fit, but chunky. This isn’t what I had in mind, but it’s actually better than what I pictured. I love the color turquoise!


Once I got home, I got ready for the gym and completed the following:

  • 1 mile run
  • .25 walk
  • 1/2 mile run
  • 1/2 mile walk
  • Ab and Upper body circuit (below and all done with 10lb free weights!)
  1. Plank with arm lifts- 10 reps on each side
  2. Bicep Curls- 25x
  3. Bicep curls with shoulder press- 15x
  4. Squats with should press
  5. Sit ups with both 10lb weights up 50 x
  6. Leg lifts 25x
  7. Butt lifts (Lay down with hands under your butt, lift your legs straight up but once they are facing the ceiling, lift your butt. Do this 25 x)
  8. Sit ups 25x

It only took my about an hour to finish the whole workout, so I packed my stuff and went shopping for a new outfit and got ready for the night.

Lisa, Brian and I headed down town to Anchor Bar for some food and drinks.

photo (95)

God’s gift came in the form of Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip. Which, if you didn’t know was the 4th gift given to small baby Jesus. It’s that good.

photo (96)

I also had a Turkey Wrap. I only ate half of it, and maybe a few fries. The beer was hogging space of my belly for the food.

Oh, the best part of the meal was the pickle. I LOVE PICKLES. I think I honestly have an affliction towards green things.

photo (98)

After dinner, we went to O’Callahans for more drinks, dart playing, and people watching. We also made fun of Lisa a lot due to the pinkle feather sticking out of her head. I don’t get this trend…. What are you supposed to be, big bird? It’s ok though because it’s going to burn out pretty quickly (helloooooo Silly Bands!)


I didn’t get home until pretty late on Saturday, so it was difficult for Wayne to get me out of bed. We wanted to do something fun, so went to Carmines to grab some quick food then headed to Eastview Mall

photo (99)

I got a Turkey sub on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomatoes. First thing to go was the pickle, then I ate half the sub and had some of the chips.

Wayne had his specialty… Chicken fingers and fries:

photo (100) He doesn’t know this picture was taken and he rarely reads this blog so let’s hope he doesn’t notice this Winking smile.

We headed over to Eastview to walk. The mall is the biggest one in Rochester so we walked into a lot of stores (All the ones I wanted to go into!) and pretended to have enough money to buy the $150 jeans I was looking at.  We noticed Boarders was having a going out of business sale, so headed there last.


This little beauty is the root of my anxiety. I have terrible anxiety over the world ending. So this section of the bookstore was off limits to me. I was almost afraid to take this picture. I did however end up buying Kara Goucher’s “Running for Women” . It’s a pretty inspiring book to get you running. My goal is to be able to run a half marathon within a year so I’m hoping this book gives me tricks and tips!

Ok… This was a long enough post! Sorry if you your eyeballs are now deflated. See ya soon!


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