To Those On The Couch And Not At The Gym

8 Aug

Hola Readers! Today, I come to you with food and motivation Smile 

For lunch I gobbled down a whole wheat wrap that had humus, lettuce, COOPER CHEESE (AMAZING!) and 97% fat free ham. I enjoyed hummus and pretzel thins on the side.



I then slumped into my lunch time coma and dreamt of lollipops, puppies, and treadmills.


I’m the type of person that needs some serious motivation. When I started to go to the gym and box, my motivation was money. I was paying $60 a month to box and also paying $20 a month for a gym membership. I hate wasting money and tend to do it a lot, so when it came to health I knew I wouldn’t put it to waste. I try to get a gym workout in at least 3 times a week, and I never miss boxing.  My green isn’t flourishing so I have to save and make sure I spend less then I make.

Monthly, I spend about $150 on anything health and fitness. This includes membership and supplies (clothes, hand wraps, food…). I can’t waste this money!

Another big motivator for me, is my health. Not only am I weight conscious, but I have several family members that have had terrible health issues. Granted, you cannot choose what genes you get (helloooo un-proportional body?!) but you can try and prevent anything that may pop up with the help of fitness.

On my mom’s side, we have a whole laundry list of problems. From Lupus, to heart disease it’s all covered. I try to take vitamins and eat a healthy diet while working out at least 5 days a week. I’ve seen what some of these diseases do to my family members (and there family) and I don’t want that to be me. When I see myself in the future, I see myself healthy, happy, and next to an awesome family. I want to get to this point with the help of healthy eating and working the butter off the buns in the gym (or pavement Winking smile ).


I do have some annoyances with people and motivation. I get really upset when people complain and complain about there weight but don’t do anything to help themselves. I’ve known to many people that will sit and eat cheese fries and complain how when they walk, the earth will crumble around their feet but can’t fathom how to step on the treadmill and bump up the level. I get that it’s hard… But it will always be worth it.

I also hear many people say “I’m going to start Monday”. Guess what? By the time Monday rolls around you’re going to forget your commitment you made while pounding away a tub of Mayo. My mantra is “Why not start now?”

I don’t care if it’s 2 am on a Wednesday. Start then. Drop down and do 20 push ups/crunches/stretches. You did way more then the slob sitting on the couch eating their weight in doughnuts.

“There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them.” – Ralph Marston, Author and Publisher of The Daily Motivator

This is a really great quote that I think touches on some of these points. You will NEVER regret a workout. I remember when I was first getting into fitness (I still am!) and looked to Wayne and said “I think I’m going to commit myself to fitness… I think I need to make this my passion”. Ever since that day I crave it and I love it to the point of wanting to do this with others.

Go out and take a walk, ride your bike or go swim. Be conscious of your body and health. You can give yourself the best gift of all, a happier and healthier you!


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