Hammy Hammy

9 Aug

Happy Tuesday, Readers Smile

I unfortunately didn’t take ANY pictures of food because I overwhelmed my post from yesterday! But, here’s a picture of my when I first started bench pressing:


This was before I started using real weights, and opted for the occasional feline (October 2010- Kristin’s meow meows!)


And this is way back when… I used to do bicep curls with my sorority sisters boobies. They were that big Winking smile (love you Christine!). I also did some super awesome jaw exercises with my wine in a water bottle (oh College… )

After work, I sped home and ate pork chops with onions, mashed potatoes, and tomatoes with basil. Gram cooked it, so it had to be good!

After dinner, I let my belly rest then headed to the gym. I haven’t ran since Saturday , and lately my knees have been bothering me. I usually wear a ace-bandage knee wrap on my right knee but both of them hurt, and  I don’t want to be the idiot with two knee braces on! As soon as I started to run, my knees just felt so stiff and sore. I wanted to get in at least a mile but because my gym is in the midst of moving locations- ALL THE TREADMILLS SUCK. Seriously, they are terrible. And every time I get on one, I usually break it or almost fall on my face.

I started running and the tread would slow down, causing me to trip. Then I moved to another treadmill that wouldn’t turn on. I went to another, and another, and another. Finally finding the one that actually works (don’t worry, at the  new location they have all brand new equipment) and I banged out about a mile. Then I picked up 2 12.5 lb weights and headed to my area. I completed 1 minute of plank presses, then headed to the machines. I completed:

  • Seated leg press 110 lb 25x
  • Leg extensions 70 lb 25 x *
  • Leg curl 70 lb 25x *
  • Lat pull down 60 lb 25x
  • Row 50 lb 25x
  • Tricep press 70 25x
  • Finshed with a .25 mile sprint at a 7.5 speed (without falling on my face!)

When I finished, I picked up Wayne and we went on a 3 mile-ish walk (just an estimate).

Hammy Whammy

*While I was doing my extensions and curls I noticed how different my two muscles (hamstrings and quads) differ in strength. After researching it (and this may be a no-brainer to some of you) that our Quads (front of your thighs) are usually much stronger than your Hammies (back of the leg). My leg extensions were difficult but I could do them and with my curls it was super difficult.

The reason your Quads are stronger is because when you use them more. Thin k about it, you are ALWAYS walking FORWARD engaging your QUADS. When you walk BACKWARDS, you engage your HAMMIES.  However, it’s important to do workouts that strength train your Hammies because they attach to your knee. If your Hammies aren’t  strong enough, you can cause knee problems or even an ACL tear.

Usually, women will do squats, deadlifts, or lunges which is GREAT for quads and glutes! But, they don’t fully engage the hamstrings. To get strong Hammies, which can help your posture, knees, and help you run longer and faster- Try these:

  1. Glute Ham Raises
  2. Seated or Standing Leg Curl
  3. Front Leg Raises

When I do seated leg extensions and curls, I try to keep it the same weight. After I educated myself, I’m going to building up those little Hammies!  


2 Responses to “Hammy Hammy”

  1. leese August 9, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

    so that’s why coach makes us run backwards up the hill

  2. Melitta Basa August 9, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Trying those lag work outs asap!!! thanks room!

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