Bench Pressing Hussies

10 Aug

Happy Hump Day! Sometimes, I really love Wednesdays. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s the half way point of the week. Usually I just take a deep breath and say “It’s almost over! Just 2 more days till the weekend!”.

Now that I think about it, it’s kind of sad to be WISHING for the work week to go by fast. We can’t help it though. No one loves working on beautiful days like this one. One day, I hope to love the work week because I’ll be kicking clients BUTTS!

Moving along. After work last night, I went home to get ready for boxing. The past few classes I’ve had I wasn’t to pumped to go to. I think I was in a boxing slump! Last night’s class was a doozy though. We completed:

  • 3 minutes hill sprints
  • 3 minutes lunges up the hill
  • 3 minute box jumps
  • :30 pushups with one hand on box, one hand on ground
  • 3 minute box jumps
  • :30 push ups
  • 3 minute round of taking a 15 lb medicine ball, lifting it above our heads and slamming it down on a punching bag that was laying on the floor and repeating
  • 3 minute round of bicycle crunches
  • 3 minute leg lifts
  • 3 minute sit ups
  • 3 minute leg lifts
  • bag work for the last 30 minutes
  • Ended the work out with jumping lunges

I HATE SWEAT. Everyone at boxing knows when sweat drips on my mouth because I start shrieking and making my tank top become a sweat rag. I usually end up doing this ritual about 35 times. Sweat really grosses me out, especially at boxing because I am surrounded by hulking sweaty-ass dudes that spew sweat when they punch. The ground that we lay on is covered in sweat. The bathrooms and walls are covered in sweat. I can’t get away from it, and IT’S EVERYWHERE I go in this place. Plus, the idea of getting MRSA really freaks me out (you can get it by getting punched by DIRTY GLOVES OMG EWWW).

I actually had a pretty big accomplishment (so did Leese- YEAH GIRL). The first day of boxing, we had stations and one of them was bench pressing just the bar (45 lbs). Well, Lisa and I couldn’t do it so we opted for wittle 5 lb weights. Yesterday I did this:


That’s me bench pressing 65 lbs. My buddy from boxing said I could do 75, but I got scared. So then he put the weight on and looked what happened:


Yep, I benched it then freaked out and dropped it on my chest. This picture would be of him scrambling to make sure I do decapitate myself.

Those pictures also a pretty accurate description of how huge my lower half is to my top half. Gotta learn to love it!

After boxing I was craving some protein, so I made an egg scramble of 2 eggs 1 egg white, cooper cheese, ham, salsa, onions and peppers. It was delish!


I was so hungry because I didn’t get a chance to eat a whole lot during the day and nothing before boxing. Which also meant I took a few swipes of cake out of the cake box my Gram’s church gave her (they honored her for being such a stand up gal!)


See the back left piece? Well it ain’t there anymore because I mashed in my ice cream. I like my ice cream melted and looking like baby food.


I’m going a tad delirious because I realized that come Saturday, Wayne and I will be in the CLEVE for some beer drinkin’, concert watchin’, and Rover Loving good times! We plan to leave at the wee hour of 5 am, drive the 4.5 hours and stop at the Cleveland Zoo, our hotel, then Roverfest. The next day (If we aren’t to hung over) we’re going to be going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!!

Fun Fact About Amanda and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: My dad and mom took me there when I was super young (I barely remember it ) and I thought it was a terrific idea to step out in front of a moving vehicle on a busy street. Welp, I’m still alive due to the fact of my Dad running out in front of that van and throwing me to the side. Don’t worry, dad survived too!


One Response to “Bench Pressing Hussies”

  1. leese August 10, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    We rock at lifting weights now. And the rock and roll hall of fame is awesome you will love it. And I’m jel of you going to roverfest. Lovesss yousss

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