Checkin’ Off The List and the 5k

22 Aug

Hello, Readers! I’ve missed this so much over my week of excitement!

Sorry for not posting all the time. I didn’t have any down time, and blogging was the last thing I really wanted to do!

As I sit back and write this, I’m a little mad it’s Monday morning. I wish I could still be in bed enjoying my sleep. Oh well, life goes on after vacation!

If you remember, I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish during my week off. Here it is:

  1. Clear  out my car
  2. Clean bedroom
  3. Organize clothes (or unpack from college 1.5 years ago)
  4. Sign up for a 2 week pass at Gold’s Gym to try Body Pump
  5. Get a massage (booked!)
  6. Dentist
  7. Doctors
  8. Scope out potential apartments for later on
  9. Do a yoga class
  10. Go to Cherry Bluffs with Wayne
  11. Go camping for the night with Wayne
  12. BLOG
  13. Take a lot of pictures for the blog
  14. Explore Rochester
  15. Go to a Museum
  16. Go to the Planetarium
  17. Lay out at the beach for a day
  18. Go to the gym by 9 am every day
  19. 5K ON AUGUST 20TH!!!


I washed, vacuumed, and cleaned out my little Ricardo. IF you look to the right of the picture, you only see a smidgen of what was in my car. I had a huge-ass-pile of clothes, books, workout gear, tennis rackets, boxing equipment, water bottles, coffee tumblers, papers, pictures, blankets, and more junk than I could have imagined.

I also wanted to clean my room. So my corner of nasty turned into a corner of class. I live in the basement of my Gran’s house, so it’s hard to work in those conditions! My room went from this:


(You can’t even see the PILE of unorganized DVDs and books I had next to my bed!)

To this:


Still need’s a little somethin’ somethin’ but my room and clothes are all organized. I’m moving out within 6 months, so I figured I might as well do all this now rather than right before I move.

I went into Gold’s Gym on Monday to claim my FREE 3 week pass from Gold’s Gym in Webster, NY. I went in and the place is HUGE. Massive equipment! It’s like a fitness lovers dream gym. I headed into pump with a big ego and was quickly shot down. Pump is a weight lifting class, so I got my bar and packed on 5 lbs on each side, and took (2) 2.5 lbs weights to add to the bar and (2) 5 lb dumbbells. I thought I would be able to handle the weight seeing as I can bench press about 75 lbs, and usually lift pretty heavy weight. Well guess what?! I struggled the whole time!! I was so unhappy with myself, thinking I was some big shot. I actually hurt myself! My elbows are sensitive to weight some how, so when I bench press and bend my elbows, a nerve gets pinched and it feels like a little electrical storm going off in the joint. My elbows hurt soooo bad, but thankfully I had a massaged booked on Wednesday with Julie!

Tuesday, I had a haircut scheduled as well as a doctors appointment. I love getting my haircut, so it just felt like good to have my dead fried ends trimmed off!


It’s still long, don’t worry!

Wednesday I went into my massage with Julie and told her about my elbows. So she starts working on them, and my right arm goes NUMB! The whole thing, NUMB! Julie took a break, and worked on my left arm which became numb as well. We couldn’t figure out why it was being like this! It was still a fantastic massage, this chick is seriously a miracle worker! My elbow hurt SO BAD the next day, but now I’m good as gold! I also grabbed lunch with Shana, my friend/coworker.

Friday I went out to Magnolias  with Leese and Melissa and got the best freakin’ panini. It was a make-your-own so I put:

  • Turkey
  • Gouda (OMG awesome!)
  • Artichoke
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Tomato
  • Portabella Mushrooms
  • Basil pest mayo


We all got caught up. Lisa, who works at a local hospital also works with her 2 other best friends, Brian and Melissa. Well I stole them and they are now my best friends as well. Only problem: They work crazy hospital hours so I don’t get to see Melissa as much as I did before Sad smile

We got to see a sweet haircut for a dog:


Doggy rockin’ a mohawk.

Wayne and I played some tennis as well, and mentally prepared ourselves for the Lupus 5k on Saturday!


The run was pretty good! We woke up bright and early, and I ate a bowl of Shredded Wheat squares and coffee, and left for the race.

I was a little annoyed at Wayne because he was not a happy camper in the morning. He’s a wonderful person, but from the hours of 6 am-9 am he’s literally the Devil. Wayne is NOT a morning person!!

It was Wayne’s first race, and he finished in 32 minutes!




I set a new PR of 37 minutes (Shaved off about a minute from last time!) and the whole time I kept myself going by saying “You’re doing this for Mom”. She would have been proud!

Ok, this is already a long post so I’ll stop now! I’m back in business with this blog!


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