Rant About The “M” Word

24 Aug

Happy Hump Day, Readers! Sorry I’ve been so distant the past week. I don’t know if I’m still in Vacation Mode or the weather but I’ve been out of it. Please excuse the excuses!


So yesterday was the first day I started studying for the PT test. When I ordered my books, I got so nervous because it’s such a big step. I’ve only been in the game for about 6 months, but my life has changed so dramatically since. It was a big step, because I made a COMMITMENT to myself that this is what I want to do.

Not only will I be able to help OTHERS, but also myself. Think about, I will be training so many people all day long, how could I not workout?! But most importantly I will be spewing healthy advice to clients- I must walk the talk! I can’t allow myself to be a hypocrite by any means.

Before I started studying, I asked a few people their advice on how to study for these exams. IT’s 100% self taught, and I’m not the greatest student. Plus, I had no idea what book to read first (I have 3!). After searching, I decided to read Chapter One in the first text. I surprisingly learned a lot!

ACSM has partnered up with Doctors to change prescriptions. Instead of a doctor handing a patient a Rx slip for a “cure”, they would prescribe them physical activity as a prevention and I fully agree! I personally do not take prescribed medicine except for Aleve and Zyrtec. I’ve been given Rx’s for a few different medications and chose not to take them (unless I REALLY needed them- antibiotics or certain medicines I needed to take when I cut my hand really bad).  I’m torn because I understand that some medication is great and many people need them, but I also feel like people rely on them.

If you have high Cholesterol – there’s a drug for that. Got restless legs? There’s a drug for that. How about this, instead of waiting until your Doctors has that concerned look on his face, go exercise. Exercise boost metabolism, let’s out happy endorphins, strengthens your lungs and muscles, and makes you feel damn good. Just getting up and stretching can improve your daily health. I just don’t understand why doctors are relying on medications when you should be thinking  about a prevention not a cure.

Instead of just waiting until you get sick, start taking care of yourself now so in the long run, you’re healthy. What you put in your body NOW effects it every day after.

Ok, sorry the long rant, but it just clicked to me!

See ya soon!


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