My First Butt Kicking

25 Aug

My Thursday has a little pep in my step, today! Almost the weekend, hell yes!

Sorry for the lack of post, life has been a bit chaotic. Let’s go over the food for the past 24 hours that talk about Training Rubie!!

For breakfast Wednesday, I was in a super hectic rush. I took a whole wheat tortilla, spread peanut butter and Nutella on one side with sliced bananas and some granola and ate it like a Quesadilla. Not the easiest thing in the world to eat while driving!

For lunch, I enjoyed left over beef stew (Which the picture looked GROSS so you won’t be seeing it the vomit like appearance of this staple food group) and a side of Tomato and Avocado salad, deeeeeeelish!


First Time Training!!!!

(I hate the color pink but whenever I have something important it needs to be in hot neon Pink… Grabs you attention!)

Ok so on to the good stuff! I was able to have my first one-on-one training session with my good friend, Rubi!


Rubi and I both worked at my previous employer (she still works there and is doing great!), and still keep in touch. She came to me when I first started getting into fitness and asked if I would train her. Of course I said yes, but I was hesitant because I don’t know what I’m doing yet.

I was going to meet up with her at 7:30, but got there around 7 because the gym just reopened in a new location and it BEAUTIFUL!


These are the bathroom/locker rooms. If you knew my old gym, this is an ocean away from the High School P.E Class type locker rooms. Seriously gross turned to regal!


Those letters are every where all over the gym, and are 3 ft tall! I love my gym so much!

Before Rubi got there, I ran 1 mile then jumped on the Arc Trainer for 18 minutes.


Once she got there, it was butt kicking time! I had her complete the follow (most of it’s from Nike!)

Warm up:

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 Burpees

Work out:

  • Straight Leg Kicks 1:00
  • Lunges 1:00
  • Dips (Modified) 1:00
  • Side Lunges 1:00
  • Walk Outs 1:00
  • Mountain Climbers (Modified for Rubi) 1:00
  • Russian Twist 1:00
  • Modified Burpee 1:00
  • REST!
  • Deadlifts with 5 lbs 1:00
  • Crazy Ivans (Same as Russian Twist but only do ONE side first and lift your arm with weight above your head) 1:00
  • 20 Modified Push Ups (Rubi’s first time doing that many!)
  • High Knee Runs :30
  • REST
  • 25 Leg Lifts
  • 15 Sit ups

Stretch and Recover!

We were both huffin’ and puffin’ after this workout. The thing about training people (and I say that SUPER lightly) is I can’t just stand there and watch. I’m very “hands on” and make sure the person clearly knows what they are doing and WHY they are doing it! I was very proud of Rubi, and also proud of her for doing so well with her C25k series! You go girl!

Having a taste of making people work to better themselves was a light bulb. I had fun motivating Rubi to just do 10 more reps. Once you do 10, another 10 is easy! I can see this is what I want to do, just need to get past reading the textbooks!


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