I like to FORK!

30 Aug

Boy, was I sight to be seen this morning! Of course I woke up to NO ALARM at 7:38… That’s 7 minutes before I have to be to work. Yep, I was that girl today!

I jumped out of bed pretty chaotically and through on the first thing I saw. Well today I look like I’m going to a funeral in all black. My hair is a mess, but it always is because I seriously have no patience to straighten my super long hair. My make up is barely there today- no mascara and just some powder. My co-worker said “I always know when you had a rush morning from your makeup”… What does that say about me Winking smile!

So, no breakfast. No snack. No lunch. Thank God for an awesome coworker to lend me some food. Ugh I hate not being able to eat and I hate being late! And to make matters worse, I’m bored. My phone has rang 4 times today. 4 TIMES!!

I’m just sitting here patiently waiting for 1 pm to come so I can get some fresh air. Sometimes, that hour saves me because I get so cooped up. That and the gym. Without those two aspects of my life, I’d be a mush. Yuck.

New and Good: 

Someone brought in cookies for us. I had 2 (probably 5 by the time this is over with)



Here is an OLD:


This was my favorite picture of Wayne and I back in July 2007. We both worked at Northpoint (Summer Camp) and every weekend we’d throw huge parties for our Camp co-workers.

Me, Wayne, Matt, and Andrea during color wars! Wayne was RED (obviously), Matt Green, Andrea Blue, and I was yellow!

Ugh, that summer was by far the best. I miss the days where it didn’t matter what time you went to bed or caring about taking a 4 hour nap.


I know you’re all jealous of my awesome Halloween costume. Not every one could pull off a fork Winking smile


3 Responses to “I like to FORK!”

  1. Ashley Rogers August 30, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    Im thinking you should:

    1 post the video of you running the art museum steps
    2 COME VISIT and I will tape you again – I am sure you will do much better this time 🙂


    • Be Fit Train Hard August 31, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

      Send me the youtube link! And when I do visit, this is a must!!!

  2. Debomb September 3, 2011 at 2:22 am #

    I will make anyone a fork costume like I did for the Lovely Falzone! Although her’s is the best one ever!

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