The Dino Stance (For The Zetas)

31 Aug

Happy Hump Day Readers! Two more days into the looooooooooooooong weekend!

Yesterday after work I went home to take a much needed cat nap. No, this one did not turn into a 4 hour hibernation like the last one but was just 40 minutes of pure sleeping bliss. I changed into gym clothes before the nap, so when I woke up I just had to get up.

At the gym I completed:

  • 10 Hanging Leg Lifts
  • 25 Leg lifts
  • 20 Right Oblique V’s
  • 20 Left Oblique V’s
  • 50 sit ups
  • 1:00 squats 7.5lbs
  • 1:00 Right Lunges with Left Arm Raise 7.5 lbs
  • 1:00 Left Lunges with Right Arm Raises 7.5 lbs
  • 10 x 3 Calf raises 50 lbs (regular, pigeon, and outward)
  • 10 x 3 Seated Leg Press 70 lbs
  • 10 x 3 Seat Leg Curl 70 lbs
  • 10 x 3 Leg Press 110 lbs
  • 25 Minutes Hill Workout on Arc Trainer

I wanted to switch it up! I new I should work my legs out, and because I was using weights I decided to keep the cardio till the end. Didn’t want to fatigue my legs before weights.

Post Work Out Thoughts

I always try to have a positive outlook on my life, especially with my body. I’m pretty critical of myself, and can always point out something that needs work. I recently thought my deltoids looks wimpy so know I need to focus of those bad boys.

I’ve been doing the fitness thing for about 6 months, and the last 4 months have been the most physically taxing. I recently stopped boxing because of I was hurting my knees and even injured my elbow (not from boxing, but that wouldn’t have helped). I have seen a lot of improvement in my STRENGTH, but to me- my body looks the same.

I’m the same weight as before, just packed on pounds of muscle while shedding some inches. But when I’m at the gym, I look in the mirror and just get down on myself because I don’t think I’ll ever be up to my standards.

When I think about that, it makes me sad. Here I am, trying to become a Personal Trainer because I love fitness, I love motivating people, and I love helping and changing others lives. I need to have a reality check with myself.

Last night after the gym I was about to shower. I took a look at my body in the mirror. I started to think positive about my body.

“My stomach looks pretty good”

“My back looks jacked”

“My Triceps are getting there!”  

Ok, so that’s sorta cheesy. But I realize you need to understand your body. You need to love and respect said body. If you keep putting yourself down and never giving yourself props, you won’t see results because you’ll never set the standard.

So, I learned my lesson. I realized to get the results I want; The confidence, the strength, the agility- are all right here. I just need to embrace them, and make them better than before.


Plus, since working out, my Dino stance has improved GREATLY (this ones for you, Zeta sisters!)


………………………………….That’s not embarrassing.


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