Happy September and Training Round 2

1 Sep

Happy September 1st People! I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuge (Bill Fucillo, anyone?) fall fan so I’m super pumped! Love the summer, but there’s something so great about fall. I think because it was always remind me of college. My college town was a fall town. The rolling mountains would turn gold around October. Gorgeous!

Yesterday, after work I hurried home to get ready for my new venture: Kickball! Julie, the DJ from 100.5 The Drive where I used to work asked if I’d like to play along with Wayne. So of course we had to! Well, we both found out our team is more about drinking then kicking! We got mercy ruled… We lost BIG TIME. It was pathetic. But good thing we’re all ok with it (Except Wayne… He’s super competitive and already has a game plan for next week) so we took that as an opportunity to drink, socialize and eat a massive amount of pizza.

Five slices to be exact. I must have worked up an appetite kicking the ball once and maybe running .10 of a mile. Standing and drinking a beer at the same time really works up a sweat Winking smile 

Ok, so we all have our off days. I didn’t eat dinner unless you count the 5ish beers I consumed. So pizza was well deserved. That’s my thoughts and I’m stickin’ to it!

I was in bed by 10. I couldn’t believe it either, I know.

New and Good

Moving along, tonight I’m training 2 PEOPLE! I haven’t read any more of my textbook. It took me 2 weeks to get through 2 chapters. I promise chapter 3 will be read BY SUNDAY! No excuses, play like a champion.

Tonight I will be training Rubi (my lovely friend from last time) and Sherri! Yesterday, I set up a plan for both of them. I’m aiming to have them there for an hour. I get so nervous about this, but last night Rubi told me I don’t even need my cheat sheet… I should just do what I think needs to be done! I think positive reinforcement is key to the future of my career.

I REALLY want to be a personal trainer. Ever since I started, I thought I could be really great at it. I’m a people person, I’m a great listener, and I love fitness and helping others. Duh, perfecto! However, I still feel very uncomfortable because I don’t know what I’m doing; I’m simply showing people what I would do if I were in their body and would want change. I’m weighing in both chickas, and doing measurements. Well, I didn’t know how to take measurements so I google’d it. The Goog’s going to save me!

I need keep the positive thinking today while I’m doing this. I just have to keep thinking that these training sessions are really training WHEELS for a career!


FYI- I wrote this post at 9 am, the fire alarm went off at work… and then I forgot about it until now. WHOOPS


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