Tips For Those In The First Stage

1 Sep

Good evening readers! Hope your day was more exciting than mine 🙂

Let’s go over my not so mealish meal for the day:

For breakfast, one cup of Chobani Mango Yogurt.  This stuff is seriously the It’s super diverse with what you can do with it- I tend to use these creamy cups in smoothies, yogurt bowls, plain, or even in oatmeal!

For lunch, I had a few carrots dipped in Wegmans Greek Dressing (I give it a 5 out of 10….),

photo (26)(That would be the shell I tossed)

a hard boiled egg, and a 60 Calorie Jello mousse cup.


Yep, that’s it! I think eating all that pizza and drinking a few beers screwed me up for today. I either wasn’t hungry, or just wasn’t feeling food.

So tonight I will be training Rubi for a second time, and Sherri for a first time! I got to thinking about tips I could give out to people who are knew to fitness, or thinking of going to a Personal Trainer. Now, I still classify myself as a newbie, and will be for the next 83297498 years. There is so much to be learned!!!

Tips To Remember When Starting a Fit Life

  1. You will be sore. Even if you run .1 mile, you most likely will be sore if you never ran said .1 mile before. YOU WILL GET USED TO IT. I love being sore! Nothing tells me I’m workin’ it better than some sore hammys! The more you work out (with active rest days!) the more you will get used to this. Being sore is literally having tiny little tears in your muscles. This is why rest days are good- your muscle will repair those tiny tears and make them STRONGER. Get it?
  2. You will get sweaty. The first day of boxing I got sweat in my eye. I was so grossed out. But now that being sweaty is an every day occurrence, I enjoy it. I love looking at my tank top and seeing that huge sweat mark. Super gross, but that’s the reason why you are doing this. The more sweat you have = the more your are burning the butter off the buns.
  3. Trust your body. If you are lifting a 20 lb dumbbell, and you feel as though your bicep MIGHT tear (and I mean for serious, not like “OMG MY ARMS IS LIKE SUPER DUPER SORE OUCHIES) then put. the. weight. down. No one loves torn biceps. In my case, it was a big ego and to much weight that caused a nerve to wrap around my triceps the WRONG way.
  4. 20 minutes is not a long time. Think about, that almost 1 episode of Jersey Shore. In twenty minutes, you  can get a great run in or bust out some intervals on the elliptical! It’s only twenty minutes. Your heart and the loss of fat from your big booty will thank you.
  5. Get gym clothes. I used to work out in sweat pants and a dingy cotton t-shirt. Many of you are probably thinking “Yeah me too..” but those aren’t gym clothes. Invest in some nice running capris, or yoga pants! I hate wearing shorts to the gym so I opt for black yoga pants. They are super comfy and even though they are tight, they don’t give you a show like leggings. Also, cotton is not sweat wicking. If you sweat like I do, your cotton shirt will be dirty for about 4 days after you work out. Plus, your skin will be demolished with acne if that sweat stays on you .
  6. Make smart choices when it comes to shoes. I love my Nike Air’s. They are all black with a splash of blue. I love them, I love them, I love them. However, they came with a $100 price tag, and aren’t the greatest fitting. I have low arches and wider feet. Next time I’m in the market for new shoes, I’ll be stopping at a professionally recommended shoe outlet (think The Good Feet Store, or MedVed). Oh, you thought the 17 year old at Foot Locker was a trained professional? Yeah, ok. I’ve worked at the mall. Do I look like someone who knows anything about engraving ANYTHING!? (I worked at Things Remembered)
  7. YOU CANNOT SPOT TRAIN. You want to have washboard abs, right? Me too.. But doing 198,731 crunches AIN’T GONNA GET YOU THERE!!! You must: eat healthy, do at least 25 minutes of cardio every other day, and do FULL BODY STRENGTH TRAINING! Just because you do all those crunches will not make the belly fat (the worst fat to have… helloooo clogged arteries!) go away. Sorry!
  8. It takes time to see results. Ugh, this is the most disappointing one. I have been doing this for 6 months, and I’m still no where near a goal weight (I don’t have one… but still), have a 6 pack, do 40 military push ups etc.  Creating a healthy lifestyle is just that- it’s a lifestyle. You need to change your eating habits, your daily schedule so you can work out, and your mentality. I wouldn’t still be here if I wasn’t so damn positive.
  9. Don’t get stuck in a routine. Try yoga. Try running. Try pilates. Try boxing. Try weight lifting. Try jumping rope. TRY ANYTHING! What would happen if you were terrible at it? Nothing, you realize you suck at “Tree pose”, or your really, really hate running more than three miles (like myself). You move on. Don’t get scared, you are just holding yourself back.
  10. Most importantly- Tell your friends and family you’ve decided to change your lifestyle. I made this choice with Lisa and we left our first night of boxing. I activly tell Wayne the exact amount of weight I lifted, or how many miles I’ve ran. I can’t have a conversation with someone that didn’t have a sentence or two about my new love for fitness. Let it be known you want to make a change, or you are in the process of that change. People listen, people follow. Why do you think I decided to go into personal training? Because so many of YOU have given me the confidence to do what I want to do! You have all made me do this, so I blame you all. Thanks 🙂

Ok, that is all. Time to go run my booty to the gym!


One Response to “Tips For Those In The First Stage”

  1. Jamie September 2, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    Great tips! Remember to have fun!

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