Training For The Second Time

2 Sep

Happy Friday, Readers! This day has draaaaaged on and I can’t wait to get out of the office! Before I go into details of last night training, here are some pictures that I love because it’s Fwiday!





…Ok I’m obsessed with Lisa’s cat Meow Meow (Really called Duke but my names way better)

So last night was my first time training two people at the same time. I definitely winged some parts, but I felt confident in what I was saying. Here is a breakdown of what I did:

I got to the gym about 20 minutes early so I can get some cardio in. I started out with a decent stretch then did the motions on the Arc Trainer. I’m finding this is be a super hard workout, but really easy on my usually sore knees. Rubi and Sherri came around the same time. They both wanted to get measured, so I brought out my tape and (the day before I googled how to!) recorded their inches.

I started Sherri off with 25 minutes of Arc Training while I do my ass kicking with Rubi! Rubi is a trooper, and she pushes her self until she can’t anymore. You can tell this girl wants to work at this, and is dedicated. Good first client, right Winking smile?

I made sure Rubi got her heart beat up with doing 30 seconds of High Knees, Burpees, and my fave- Mountain Climbers! She was huffin’ and puffin’ but she made it through! I was very proud of her! She also completed about 25 minutes on the Elliptical. 

Sherri had a 100% different work out than Rubi. I took this as an opportunity to teach Sherri how to work out. I made sure she knew proper stretching for her back, and also got her to use dumbbells. It’s funny, some women are scared of dumbbells! After we did a full body work out, I took her around to the gym’s weight machines to teach her how to use them. Gym equipment is scary if you don’t know how to use it, especially when it comes to how much weight and adjusting the stupid thing.

I was at the gym for almost 2 and a half hours! I walked out of them gym with such a great feeling in my heart. I felt like I really did something to help educate as well bust some ass! I immediately called my dad up to tell him “I think I might be on to something, I think I might have found what I love”. It was a good feeling, one that makes reading a textbook worth it!


One Response to “Training For The Second Time”

  1. leese September 3, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    i love meow meow and im glad your training went good

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