13 Sep

Before I even start this… Sorry for such a delay! I’ve been so busy, and when I thought about uploading pictures or writing, I just didn’t have the oomph to do it. So I hope you enjoy the next 31 pictures with minimal writing so I can quickly update you all Smile.

Labor Day Weekend

Friday after work I accidently ended up in the mall. Two hours later and fifty bucks gone I came home. I bought a Jessica Simpson Dress and a few odds and ends. I didn’t really do a whole lot because the next day I would be going on the annual DiMora wine tasting extravaganza with my second family and Lisa and Brian. I made sure to get plenty of sleep so I don’t go into a Wine comatose!


I couldn’t tell you what wineries we ended up at, or what kind of wine… I’m not a huge wino. Just give me a glass (or cup, mason jar, bowl) and I’ll drink it.

So we went to a few…. Had a few…


Then the wine kicked in and I played a game called “Let’s see how many legs hairs I can pull off Brian”:

jI won.

Then had some wine.. v

And some more… b

And even more… c

Then we started goofing off:



qwI spelled poonani Smile

We clearly love each other way to much.

And yes, Brian always hangs out with two lunatics that have severe issues. Sometimes I feel bad that his two bfferz are chicks. But then I get over and tell him to man up Smile

By the time we got home, I was ready for that coma


……..Moving on.


Sunday, Wayne and I were planning on driving to Mansfield to visit my little sister, Sam. It was a surprise for her birthday Smile.

Before we left and did a quick cardio and full body strength building work out.

Then, off to MU Smile

So my little had NO idea I was surprising her. She was actually really upset because I told her I could see her. So I get there, walk up the stairs and nonchalantly walk through her apartment door and stand in front of her. No reaction, just a WTF from her. Finally I demanded a hug and she got up and it hit her I was there for her birthday. It was pretty funny!

dLittle one. I love this chick. She’s the strangest person I have ever met, but I love being around her. She always makes me laugh, not by being funny but by she being her Smile 

Another awesome thing about the surprise, is seeing all of my sisters again!

311286_2109866154137_1470090041_32190583_1835950499_n (Notice Ben in the background… Wayne made him…)


Then went out the Changos

i318451_2109873754327_1470090041_32190611_224883999_nclassy, Falzone.

317126_2109872194288_1470090041_32190605_249445244_nAshley, OvLoveOf , Best fwiend!

The next day I woke up at the ass crack of dawn 8:00 am ready and raring to go. So I took Wayne across the street for some Night and Day (Best Americano EVER)


sAren’t those chairs awesome?! They were all hand painted by a former Mansfieldian!

We also walked to McDonalds for Wayne, then back. NO ONE WAS UP BEFORE 10 AM!!! I thought I was going to go crazy. Then I felt so old because here I was, 8:30 and I already walked a half mile. I’m crazy.

During the Week

Work, gym, work, train, work, gym, gym, work.

Wayne got me a present


Made some awesome roasted brussle sprouts

yand ate all of them.

I also ate this behemoth


eoh yeah.




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