14 Sep

Happy Hump Day! My day was made yesterday morning when Wayne surprised me with the new Weezy cd. I love both Waynes Smile


The past few days I’ve come to the conclusion that I have some interesting quirks to myself. I was talking to grandma about fruit selection when it clicked.

I will not touch fruit if I don’t think it looks pretty. We had banana’s that came from Aldis, and were bright green. So I gave them a few days, still green.

I gave them a full week. Still green.

Week and two days… Green with a hint of brown. By the second week, they were bad. Grandma even tried a green banana and said they were ripe on the inside but I wouldn’t have it. They just looked gross.

The same went for an apple. Perfectly good apple, but it had a waxy texture to the skin. Nope, left that one gram. I just forced myself to eat a kiwi that I brought to lunch a few days back and never ate because it got lunch box juice on (a totally different LBJ). I don’t know what kind of LBJ it was, but it got on the kiwi (which I don’t eat the skin of), therefore untouchable until right now. It was pretty good after I got over the fact.

Then I realized even more my weird quirks….

  • I obsessively stretch. all. the. time
  • I won’t step on man hole covers. What if a homeless man grabs my ankles?!
  • After I get out of the shower I have to pick all the loose hair that I shed during said shower OFF. I can’t do anything until this is done
  • I obsessively check to see if my ring is still on
  • I almost always drive with a crack in my window
  • I randomly stand up and balance on one leg for as long as I can. I don’t even realize I do this
  • I hate HATE HATE big bodies of CONTAINED water
  • I have a fear of big tall buildings. When I look up at them I get dizzy
  • I have to set 4 different alarms at 4 random times (6:07, 6: 17, 6:23, and 6:35)
  • I pick my cuticles on my nails out of habit

Hmm.. Now that I think about it, one time my friends and I made a list of fears or weird things about me. I should dig those up so you all can realize what a nut job I am.


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