Llamas, Mojo, Homeless Men and Red Cat

28 Sep

Happy Humpday! I actually had to ask a coworker what day it was… I thought it was Tuesday, good thing someone told me!

So I feel compelled to blog today. This blog was supposed to be a motivator for me. It was supposed to be my way with connecting to the people who were continuing to push me to be my best. But it turned into a chore, and when I thought about writing, it would make me yawn. I lost the mojo.

I haven’t lost the Mojo; I just got side tracked. I got my head stuck in the clouds, and I stopped.

Everyone who is trying to make themselves better by being more healthy, making fitness a priority, or just making a positive change NEEDS motivation. You cannot complete a goal without motivation. My motivation stopped for some reason.

I realized all of this last week. I vowed I would add more cardio and HIIT to my workouts, and add more whole grains in to my diet as well as just a healthier outlook on life. Then I got freakin’ sick and totally pushed me back.

Stupid stuffy nose. I slept 16 hours between Saturday and Sunday. I needed the rest, I needed to calm down. I was goinggoingoigngoing and never stopping to rest. Then my body rejected what I was doing and FORCED me to stop.

Fitness really is a passion. It’s helped me to love my body, and treat it like a temple. The Human body is so complex and so intricate- and here I was putting nasty foods in it, and doing everything overtime. I have to jump back onto the bandwagon and get ‘er done.

Same goes with becoming a personal trainer. I haven’t cracked open that book in a month. My goal was a chapter a week- It’s been at least 5 since I completed chapter two! I need to buckle down, and make sure I am doing everything I need to do to complete my goal.

I’m notorious when it comes to flaking out on something. I will always have the big ideas and goals but not even half way through I will just…. stop. The reason I want to become a personal trainer is to help people complete their own fitness and health related goals. I can’t let a stupid textbook and hugeassscary test  get in the way of me wanting to complete my goals.

OK ENOUGH OF ME BITCHING. Want some pictures?!

This past Sunday, Wayne and I woke up knowing we wanted to do something. Sunday’s are OUR day. It’s usually the one day where we get to hang out all day long and do whatever we want. Wayne works nights and weekends, I work days. We see each other every day, but spending quality time together can sometimes be far and between so I love having our own date DAY!

We woke up and his mom calls telling him about the Naples grape fest. So immediately I say this is our Sunday plan… What a great plan it turned out to be!

The past few weeks, we’ve gone to the Buffalo Flea Market, The Walden Galleria in Buffalo, Ohio for Roverfest, Avon for a drive in movie…. We’re a very active couple and love going on adventures! So the Grapefest was right up our alley.

The drive to Naples is about an hour from Rochester. It’s a huge wine country area so we indulged in one of my favorite wines. It’s a wine like no other.

It’s given me many nights in college where I wake in the morning cursing it Winking smile

(I was trying to find random drunken wine pictures but I couldn’t find any Sad smile)

Red Cat. I love Red Cat. I love White Cat. “What’s that you asked”

THE BESTEST AWESOME WINE EVAAAA. Well, not really but I know about 28 Zeta’s who love it.

qWayne and I bought a bottle and shared it. We spent the rest of the day tipsy and walking about 5 miles through wine country, jewelry stands, and wine tastings. So much fun Smile! I also made a new friend


Wayne loves to gamble. He loves doing those stupid scratch offs, going to the casino… He loves it. So we came across this


50 cents to play. And guess what couple won 4 times?!


yI GOT IT! and won r

We got 8 free games each, and I tied with another person so we both got 2 extra as well. Awesome!

We were hungry on the way home, so we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for some food, and hit up the dolla movie theater to see “Horrible Bosses”.

Listen to this shiz- We were sitting basically on the end of the row, Wayne had two seats next to him. Some random SHOELESS man came and sat RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Almost on top of him. Wayne got freaked out and got up, climbed over me, and sat to my left. The shoeless man then put his shoeless feet INBETWEEN THE CRACKS OF THE SEATS INFRONT OF US WHERE PEOPLE WERE SITTING. Then leaves before the movie ends. Oh, and he had a weird bag over his lap.

I thought it’s either a creepy dude getting off sitting next to Wayne, or a homeless crazy man. Either way he wasn’t wearing shoes and I don’t play that game. Shoes are a must in the movies.

Source- googling “Shoeless homeless man”


One Response to “Llamas, Mojo, Homeless Men and Red Cat”

  1. Ashley Rogers October 11, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    ALmost 2 weeks since your last blog!

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