10.22.11 Continued

11 Nov

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I had this already written, but I think it may have been deleted Sad smile

Life has been changing quickly over here… But I guess I should state why Smile


So, I left off at 7:00 pm where I pulled into the parking lot. I saw Wayne’s car, and him pacing outside of it. I sat quietly in an adjacent parking lot where he couldn’t see me. I wanted to wait until exactly 7:00pm, so I can take a screen shot of my phone. Finally, I started to drive to Wayne. I was excited, but I kept telling myself to have low expectations. We were talking about this moment for so long, and all I wanted was to see him. We promised to meet at this very moment to see if life with each other was possible.

I parked my car and walked toward Wayne. He greeted me with the usually “Hello, Cutie Pie” (yes, my nickname… that and booger. Ugh) and a hug. Except this hug lasted longer than normal. It also included Wayne whispering in my ear some loving words. Then he started to fiddle with something in his pocket. I kept thinking maybe it was a nice bracelet or a necklace.

But then something happened. He pulled out a box and got down on one knee.

WHAT?! “Amanda Lynora Falzone, will you marry me?


…no, will you marry me?


..no. Seriously… Wanna be my wife!?


Oh yeah. It was no joke. It was the real deal.

Then comes crying induced black-outs, lots of kisses and hugs, and one home cooked meal after Smile

Everyone reading this has had about 3 weeks knowledge of our engagement. But that’s how it happened. It was romantic, perfect, and so carefully planned.

That past three weeks, we have been in a crazy planning mode. I have a personality where I try to get everything done ASAP.

We’re getting married on August 17, 2012. We were both born on the 17 day of the month and both our lucky numbers are 17.

Were getting married at the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend, the Charlotte Beach (sans homeless men!)

AW (5 of 52)AW (14 of 52)

I am a very, very lucky girl. My fiancé treats me with respect, love, dignity, and grace. He let’s me be me, he loves me for me, and he will always treat me like gold. I never thought this would EVER happen, but I’m so grateful it did.

aw redo3


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