5 Mar

It’s been a lonnnng time since writing. Actually, it’s been to long. Four months to long. It’s funny how something like writing was such a big thing in my life for a few short months, then it just stopped.

I blame the engagement, holidays, and sheer laziness.

Since the last time I wrote, I’ve been a busy little bee! My wedding is basically all planned. I bought the dress, booked the ceremony and reception places, got the bridesmaid dresses, and picked the colors. I also STOPPED going to the gym! I know, I thought that would never happen.

But Christmas came! Wayne was a smarty pants and got me enough equipment that I didn’t need to go to the gym. Now, I just do quick tabata styled workout that lasts 20 minutes. For some reason 2o minutes compared to sometimes 2 hours in the gym just seems silly. But what’s sillier is my $20 gym membership isn’t being used, and I can’t just cancel it. The day I cancel it is going to be the day I want to go to the gym.

So, maybe now I’ll start back with blogging. Wayne got me a new camera for my bday (actually, my dad got me a new camera for christmas, and some drunk guy accidently dropped and broke it… 2 weeks after receiving it). If I have any readers left, thanks for reading 🙂

And now bring on the pictures! Here’s the dealio on my life:

075 My friend Stevens going away party

119 Had a reunion with Bridgey Boo ❤

124 Wayne and I went to Rover Holiday Hangover, and left early because we got stuck in a freaking mosh pit, and W lost is glasses!

W and I had a date day at the Rochester Science Center! It was a lot of fun 🙂

148 We also went ice skating! I fell about 80 times

154 Ugh… I got my wisdom teethies out 😦

MY birthday was in February! Lot’s of cards, flowers, and gifts were given to me at work! My bff from work, Shana (We’re starting a blog together too!) took me out to lunch, Wayne and I went for drinks and a hockey game, and then spent Saturday with Lisa and a few friends for drinks! Awesome time 🙂



Big UP’S to Wayner!! Second time of Deans list, and he was stated in as the Student Ambassador of Bryant and Stratton! He just runs things 😉

Ok guys, thanks for reading.. I promise I’ll keep everyone updated more 🙂


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