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About Be Fit Train Hard

I created this blog in July, 2011 to keep track of my workouts, healthy eating recipes and just my days really. I live a pretty active life, I might as well write about it!

I love working out– Nothing beats being sweaty and tired after a good boxing class, or running 3.2 miles. I just started really getting into a healthy lifestyle, and I realized it was a passion not just a choice. I enjoy pushing myself to my limit. I try new workouts all the time and try to push to my max.

I started boxing in May, 2011 and it forever has changed my life! It’s only been 2 months, and I can’t see my life without this intense workout. It made me more conscience of my diet, my muscles, and most importantly has lead me to a passion. I love creating new work outs and love helping others find their strength from within!

About Amanda 

Gotta love those Yoga pants 😉

My name is Amanda Falzone and I am a twenty something-year-old receptionist at a Massage School. In my free time, I box, ride my bike, run, workout, swim, go to concerts… I try to never be bored and it’s helpful when I surrond myself with people who have severe ADD and need to go-go-go!

My relationship with healthy eating and fitness started when I was in high school. I was never particularly athletic, and usually didn’t go to gym class. I  was over weight and was really in that “ugly duckling” stage that usually everyone goes through. So, I started eating less (I’d say I had a bit of a problem with food)  and working out more. I dropped 20 pounds in month and BOOM! It was a whole new world to me!

Since then I have gained, lost, gained, lost. Now I’m in the stage where being beautiful is being strong, confident, and sure of yourself. Everyday is a battle to try to beat my time, my weight I lift, and endurance. Every day I find new healthy foods I want to try, or find new recipes.

I live here:

RAH-Chesta (yes we really talk like that)

I box:

Right before I got punched in the face for laughing

I was in Zeta Tau Alpha:


I went to this school:

that was the library I went in about 7 times.

I won Homecoming Queen back in my senior year of college:

Gotta milk it for what it's worth

I have a Bachelors in Psychology

Look, dad! I paid $30,000 to be a receptionist!

I have friends that are close:

we love sitting on each other

I have some friends that live far away:


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