Who’s Who

The joy of creating and maintaining a blog is also creating a relationship with my readers. I’m sure I’ll be blabbing a lot about the people in my life, so here are some of the main characters 😉


Wayne and I have known each other since January 2007. We recently became engaged and will be tying the knot on August 19th! I’m such a lucky girl!

We didn’t keep in touch, but used his best friend Megan to communicate back and forth. We ran into each other a few times (First time seeing him was January 2010), and every single time we both knew we still cared and loved each other. There was a point in both our lives that we were in relationships with other people, thus stopping communication between us. Back in January 2011, I met up with Megan for dinner and she immediately started talking about Wayne. After a long conversation and over thinking about Wayne, I ended up on his doorstep the next day. I’ve seen him every day since then, and fall more in love with him every day. He is my best friend, and someone I’d like to keep around for awhile ;)

We both love going to the gym, however I’m the only one who loves to eat healthy. If you put a salad in front of Wayne, he’d mock it.  He puts up with me explaining to him the “health benefits of eating brussel sprouts” while he explains his love with Hot Sauce and Chicken Fingers. One day, I will get him to finish a plate of veggies!


I’ve known Lisa since 8th grade. She was one of my first friends I’ve met when I moved. She’s hilarious and always keeps me laughing. She’s my go to girl, my work out partners and my motivator. We both started boxing and it’s changed our lives. She listens to me complain, cry, laugh… She’s been there for me through my hardest days when I thought I’d never last. She’s always the first person I tell my good news too, and when I cry- she cries. She’s awesome!

Lisa is also a great workout partner! I always drag her to do some ridiculous work out with me, and it’s a good motivator to have someone by your side pushing you while you push them!


Since I was 21, I have lived with my elderly grandparents. In February, 2011 we lost my grandpa. I continued to live with her and help around the house. In retrospect, she is my my mother. She has raised me to be the woman I am and I love her with more than I could ever explain. She shows you love by feeding you way to much pasta and pies, but ya gotta love an old Italian grandma!

Papa Falzone

Dancin' away at a wedding

Need'a singer?

My dad is great. He’s hilarious, and always tells me what to do but I never listen (how would I learn from my mistakes if I listen???). I have his personality (all the good parts, that is ;), his dashingly good looks, and his love for music.


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